Why Your Garage Needs a Drop Zone

Why Your Garage Needs a Drop Zone - Image 1


When was the last time you entered your home through its front door? If you’re like most people, you probably enter your home through your garage, right? With all that foot traffic, that area of your home — most likely your kitchen — sees a ton of use. And on days when the weather isn’t so great, that can mean mud, rain and snow being tracked in my wet boots and dirty shoes.


There’s also the matter of backpacks and coats during the school year. Hanging them inside, where they take up space and can drip all over your floor isn’t exactly ideal. So, what can you do if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars building a mud room to act as the entryway between outside and inside?


The answer is a drop zone, of course — a place in the garage, right by the door into the home, where you can “drop” bookbags, boots, raincoats and other items that don’t you don’t want in the home but need to be kept within easy reach.


In fact, when we at Hello Garage were first designing our cabinet system, we insisted on developing the HG Drop Zone at the same time. That’s because it’s built from the same commercial-grade powder-coated steel as our cabinets and shelves. This means it’s more than strong enough to sit on as you put on or take off those slushy snow boots.


The HG Drop Zone also features super-sturdy shelves for storage baskets and other items and a row of hooks for coats and backpacks. The whole thing is so durable and well-built, in fact, that it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. That means it’s meant for real-world use — not just to look good on some influencer’s Instagram page!



Seriously, though, a drop zone is one of those things that you won’t believe you lived without once you have it. So, when you’re getting ready to customize your dream garage, seriously consider adding the HG Drop Zone to your design. You and your family (and your kitchen floor) will be glad you did!


Learn more about the HG Drop Zone here.

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