Hello Garage Before & After Photos

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Commercial Kitchen Makeover

This commercial kitchen was redone with a new floor by Hello Garage. With the hustle and bustle of a restaurant kitchen, they needed an easy to clean and very durable floor. They chose the polyaspartic floor in the color Peppercorn. 

Complete Garage Renovation

Are you tired of not utilizing your garage space to its full potential? Call the professionals at Hello Garage to install a polyaspartic garage floor coating. Don't stop there, though, with a myriad of storage options to choose from. Our Garage Gurus can customize your storage solution. This customer decided to install a workbench, storage cabinet, and a slat wall with various hooks to get the most use out of the space. 

Floor Flavor: Blue Taupe



Platinum Flake Floor Coating

This garage floor was discolored, stained and just plain ugly. After just a day with the Hello Garage Dream Team, it now features a brand-new, professionally installed polyaspartic garage floor coating with a gorgeous platinum flake finish that will look amazing for many years to come.


Floor Color: Pearl

Garage Floor Coating

Look at this transformation! This garage floor was just a concrete surface with a lot of staining from parking tires in the space. Our 100 percent polyaspartic floor was the perfect garage floor coating for these homeowners. They called this their "forever" home and wanted a floor coating that only had to be done once. 


Color: Peppercorn

A New Organized Garage Space

Do you want to avoid your cluttered garage space? This homeowner did and called Hello Garage to help them update the look of their garage and add some storage so they could organize their garage and make it a functional space. They chose a new polyaspartic floor in the floor flavor Pewter and added the stem wall to create a finished look. They also added some shelves and a slatwall with hooks. We love the way it turned out. If you want to create a new garage space, call Hello Garage today for a free estimate. 

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