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Complete Garage Renovation

Are you tired of not utilizing your garage space to its full potential? Call the professionals at Hello Garage to install a polyaspartic garage floor coating. Don't stop there, though, with a myriad of storage options to choose from. Our Garage Gurus can customize your storage solution. This customer decided to install a workbench, storage cabinet, and a slat wall with various hooks to get the most use out of the space. 

Floor Flavor: Cotton Candy



Platinum Flake Floor Coating

Hot tire pick up is not a problem for our platinum flake - it's easy to clean and durable enough to last a lifetime. We guarantee it!


Floor Color: Pearl

A New Organized Garage Space

Are you tired of your cluttered garage space? This homeowner was and called Hello Garage to help them update the look of their garage and add some storage so they could organize their garage and make it a functional space. They chose a new polyaspartic floor in the floor flavor Marshmallow Creme and added the stem wall to create a finished look. They also added some shelves and a slatwall with hooks. We love the way it turned out. If you want to create a new garage space, call Hello Garage today for a free estimate. 

Whole Garage Renovation

With a new floor and storage system from Hello Garage, this homeowner has transformed their garage from dingy and non-functional to a beautiful, useful space that makes you want to keep your garage door open 24/7. 

Flooring: Pewter

Slatwall: Barnwood 

Add on: Bike Hooks 

A Garage Makeover in Dallas, Texas

Irving Chung, a Dallas homeowner, was sick of his dirty, cluttered garage. He called Hello Garage, and we gave him a complete garage remodel within a day - including a new SparTek™ garage floor coating and garage slatwall. Just look at the smile!

A review from Irving: "Hello Garage is the best in class for garage upgrades. They were very professional and offer a great value. Best decision for improving my home and living space!"

Total Before & After Sets: 15
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