The Best Place to Host A Graduation Party

Tuesday, March 30th by Katelyn Williams

Garage setup for a graduation party with decorations.

Consider using your garage for that upcoming graduation party or any other soiree for that matter. It's the perfect space!

Graduation Party Ideas

You might not be ready to accept the fact that your son or daughter is about to graduate, but it’s time to start thinking about that graduation party, nonetheless. Don’t worry though, you don’t need a professional event planner to throw a memorable graduation party!

But there are a few things to think about apart from who to invite and what food to serve. The most important being, where you are going to host the party! Let's walk through a few graduation party ideas.

The Backyard? What if it rains? Or what if it’s 100 degrees and humid? OK, then how about inside? Well, so much for social distancing! What if you rent a venue for your party? That can cost a lot of money!

Wait a minute... What about your garage? Think about it; it’s the perfect place! There’s a lot of space. You can open the garage door for fresh air. Yet you're still protected from the elements. 


Get Your Garage Party-Ready

Garage party that is set up for a graduation party including a new garage floor coating and new garage storage.

Our polyaspartic garage floor coating will impress your guests with the added bonus that it's easy to clean up when the party is over.

Let's pause for a second... How does your garage look? More than likely, it’s a mess of garden tools, holiday decorations and sports equipment. Or, if you’re like most people, the concrete floor is stained and cracked. Yikes! How will you hide those!

You don't need to panic, but it is time to get serious about getting your garage ready for family and friends — and for making memories that will last a lifetime.

In other words, like your son or daughter, it’s time for your garage to grow up and graduate.

  1. First, you’ll want to take care of that dirty garage floor. No problem! With a tough but beautiful polyaspartic garage floor coating, your new garage floor will be the star of the show. (Next to the proud graduate, of course!) This epoxy-beating garage floor coating looks like polished granite and is just as durable. It’s also is super easy to clean, so any spilled drinks or cake crumbs will be easy to clean right up.
  2. Next, you'll need to choose garage storage options to organize all your stuff. Not only are these great for keeping your garage looking neat and tidy, but they can also double as tables for drinks, snacks and memorabilia such as trophies and photos. And slatwall makes an amazing backdrop for selfies or can serve as a photo wall for that all-important trip down memory lane!


Garage Party Decor & Other Party Essentials

Now that you have the perfect venue for your graduation party, let's talk garage party decor. Decorations are essential to any garage party. They really set the scene for your guests and especially for graduation parties, they are a great way to display all your child's accomplishments! We'll begin with the basics:

Tables and Tablecloths

Especially if you’re providing food and drink at your party, you’ll want to give guests a chance to sit down. Folding tables and chairs work perfectly for this if you dress them up enough! If you’re expecting a lot of people at your party, rent some extra tables and chairs from a party rental store then head to your local dollar store or even for cost-friendly tablecloths.

If you’re looking to add some extra decorations to the tables, try these easy ways to create the perfect graduation centerpiece:

  • Yearbooks – Start with a couple of yearbooks for guests to glance through. Don’t just include the high school ones!
  • Extra-curricular memorabilia – Show off those extra-curricular accomplishments by displaying any medals or trophies.
  • Other decorations – It’s easy to find fun graduation-themed decorations at any party store. Try finding decorations that act as table weights to help keep the tablecloth down.

Graduation Party Backdrops

New graduate taking a selfie in front of a graduation party photo backdrop.

Make the perfect party backdrop for memorable photos with Hello Garage slatwall.

Kids are all about selfies these days, so you’ll want to create the perfect background for them to take social media-worthy pictures.

  1. Start with balloon letters that spell out “congrats” or even your graduate’s name.
  2. Next, add some fun pinwheels, paper tassels or ribbon around the balloon letters to create some depth and add pops of color.
  3. Then, frame your background with floor-height balloons—in school colors of course!

Go above and beyond: Want to add even more fun to your graduation selfie station? Provide confetti poppers or streamers for the ultimate picture moment!

It’s All About School Colors

Show some school pride with your decorations! You can find napkins, plates, tablecloths and other items in your son or daughters’ specific school colors. A lot of times, your local party store will even carry supplies and other decorations with your high school’s logo on it, which is also a great touch! 

Special Party Lighting

A party is only as good as its lighting—and a space that is dimly lit can affect the mood of the guests! Especially if you don’t already have the adjustable LED lighting from Hello Garage, you’ll want to add some extra lighting to brighten up the space. Find outdoor string lights at a hardware store or dig out those Christmas lights and put them to use for no added costs. Plus, they’re easy to hang from the walls or ceiling with Command Hooks!

Party Food Ideas

Graduation party food station with grab-and-go snacks

Set out grab-and-go food options for your party guests.

You don’t need to get fancy! Buffets or grab-and-go options are perfect for garage parties. Having a lunchtime party? Set out some buns, lunchmeat, cheese slices and condiments for an easy build your own sandwich station. How about dinner? Check with your favorite restaurant! They probably have catering options that can feed everyone at your graduation party. Want to just keep it light? Chips and dip, fruit and veggie trays and desserts are the best options for graduation party food that doesn’t break the bank.

And when the party’s over? Well, your newly graduated garage will be all grown up and ready for whatever possibilities life brings. Just like your graduating son or daughter!

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