Hello Garage Partners With Life on Virginia Street


Say Hello to Sarah

Meet Sarah Stewart, a former finance executive turned blogger extraordinaire and the mastermind behind the Life on Virginia Street brand. Her blog and social media accounts, where she focuses on home décor and DIY projects, reach people across the entire United States. Sarah incorporates a ton of coastal colors and textures into her designs and she loves bringing the beach to the landlocked state she lives in.

Hello Garage Partners With Life on Virginia Street

Sarah has a beautiful home. The inside is perfectly designed, with each room having a unique yet cohesive coastal look. But she mentioned that her garage was always the forgotten space and had become her home’s junk drawer, if you will. 

So, Hello Garage was thrilled to work alongside her and her husband, Kurtis, to transform their garage space and be featured in a few of Life on Virginia Street blog posts. Sarah is usually a DIY pro, but she knew that when it came to her garage floor and garage storage, some things should just be left to the pros.

New Garage Storage and a New Garage Floor Coating for Sarah

When we first spoke to Sarah, she told us all about the old epoxy garage floor coating, which was already there when they bought the house. Sarah told us how her epoxy floor was chipping away, how you could see tire marks where she and Kurtis pulled their cars in and how it was slippery when it got even remotely wet. Being the home renovation queen that she is, she also uses her large three-car garage space to store her DIY must-haves along with all their pool upkeep items, gardening essentials and tools. As you can imagine, their need to store a lot of stuff in their garage lead to a bunch of unwanted clutter!

Cluttered Garage Before ImageSarah's old garage was serving as more of a junk drawer than a true front door.

Her Free Garage Flooring & Storage Estimate

Our Garage Guru, Cole, met with Sarah to go over the wish list for her dream garage. In addition to a superior garage floor coating, she needed our help finding a better way to organize their space. Kurtis also wanted a workbench area that he could use for his own projects. Most importantly, this is their forever home, so they wanted products that would stand the test of time.

Cole measured their garage space, tested their concrete for moisture levels (a key step to ensuring our garage floor coating with adhere properly), assessed their storage needs and presented his suggestions for the best way to organize their space using Hello Garage products. He also showed Sarah their floor coating colors, but with her key design eye, she knew exactly what color she wanted when she saw it. (We’ll give you a hint as to what she picked… the color reminds her of the beach!) Once they were done covering all the items that would come together to give her the dream garage space, Cole provided them them the exact cost, so they knew just what to expect when the bill came.

SwatchesBring on the swatches! Cole presented our unique polyaspartic floor coating color choices to Sarah.

Time For the Professional Installation

Sarah was sold! So, we booked her a date for her professional installation with our Dream Team and she was ready to go. Sarah also took advantage of this time to clean out unwanted items in her garage, insulate the space and even paint the walls. The transformation was coming together already, but it was our Hello Garage products that brought it all together!

Empty garageSarah cleaned everything out to prep for her garage makeover.

Come the day of the floor coating install, Sarah had all her items out of her garage and in a Pod — the Dream Team still prepped her space, including taping around the stem wall and doors to ensure a clean and tidy installation. It only took about eight hours, during which time our team ground down the old epoxy, filled in the control joints of her garage floor along with any cracks and uneven surfaces that remained, applied the polyaspartic garage floor coating in three steps, cleaned up and boarded up her garage to allow the floor to dry overnight. The next day, we returned to finish cleaning up and installing the garage cabinets and slatwall they picked out during our initial design consultation.

The Garage Renovation Reveal

When it was time for the final reveal, Sarah and Kurtis were stunned (and so were we)! The differences between their before and after pictures are truly amazing and it made us incredibly happy to see another satisfied customer with their dream garage space.

How It Started

How it Started Old chipping, yellowing epoxy floor coating, flimsy shelving with a lot of clutter.

How It Turned Out

How it Turned Out A beautiful new granite-like polyaspartic garage floor coating, durable and strong garage cabinets that we custom configured to her space and slatwall to help store the “unstorable.”


Shop the Look


Benjamin Moore Swatches

Perfect Pairings

All of us at Hello Garage are in love with the paint color that Sarah picked out to compliment their new Snickerdoodle slatwall! After matching some paint samples to the slatwall and flooring samples we provided, she ended up going with Benjamin Moore Classic Grey. Look at that combo — wow!

If you want to match your walls to your garage floor coating color, our Garage Gurus can help you find the perfect color with special pairings from Sherwin-Williams.


Beautiful Polyaspartic Garage Floor

Sarah's new garage is clean, coordinated and calming.

What Sarah Had to Say

I don’t think either of us realized just how much it was weighing on us to have such a disorganized garage — until we felt the relief of seeing the new setup!

Kurtis loves using the Hello Garage organization components to get creative and hang things he uses frequently, like our yard tools and rolls of extension cords! It’s nice to have them easily accessible but also out of the way.

It’s crazy just how much the view has changed now when we pull in our garage!

We couldn’t be happier with the work Hello Garage did and with our newly organized garage! And after a nearly a month’s worth of use, we’ve managed to keep it clean and organized!

A huge thank you goes out to the team at Hello Garage for all their work on this project! We couldn’t be happier with how our garage makeover turned out.

About Sarah & Life on Virginia Street

Sarah started blogging back in 2008 as a way to share life and home renovation updates with her family members that didn’t live in town. As Sarah started renovating her then home back in December of 2012, Life on Virginia Street was officially launched.

The blog’s focus still stays true to its roots, offering up-to-date home renovation ideas, DIY tricks, decorating tips, clothing favorites (that match her coastal style, of course), travel and much more. As we got to know Sarah, we could definitely see her true personality and style resonate throughout all her online platforms and Hello Garage has greatly enjoyed working with her to create her dream garage. For those who have never met her before, she is as sweet and bubbly in person as she is online!

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