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More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative

Hello Garage transforms damaged, dingy garage floors into granite-like masterpieces using our polyaspartic garage floor coating. If you haven't heard of polyaspartic, no worries. This tried-and-true technology has actually been around for decades, used mostly in commercial applications for high-traffic areas like factories, gyms and warehouses.

The benefits of a polyaspartic floor coating put traditional epoxy floors to shame. Not only are they higher-quality, more durable and way more damage resistant, but polyaspartic floors cure in a fraction of the time it takes an epoxy floor to cure. We've spent years researching the benefits of polyaspartic technology and today your local Hello Garage company is proud to offer this service to homeowners. Our franchisees install our superior polyaspartic garage floor coating in 8 colors, along with garage storage and accessories to completely transform your garage.

The bottom line: Only polyaspartic floor-coating technology offers granite-like look and durability that can be installed in about a day.

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Epoxy vs. Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Hello Garage transformed this damaged, peeling epoxy floor into a stunning, granite-like masterpiece.

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Trusted polyaspartic garage flooring company

Hello Garage's full suite of garage renovation services will take your garage from sad to stunning in just a few steps. Our signature service, the Hello Garage polyaspartic floor coating, has so many pros and so few cons. Check out some of our favorite features and benefits.

Hello Garage Floor Coating Colors

Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan

Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream

Marshmallow Cream

Marshmallow Creme

Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Mint Chip

Mint Chip

  • Stunning granite-like garage floors
    Our garage floor coating is available in 8 beautiful colors, all featuring full-broadcast flake distribution. Trust us, when you see it, you will be floored!
  • Damage resistant & highly durable
    Polyaspartic technology repels chemicals like gasoline and diesel, abrasions, yellowing, and hot-tire pickup. That means it's seriously tough!
  • Won't peel like epoxy
    Polyaspartic floor coating has a much stronger bond to the concrete below, so it won't peel or flake like epoxy and some other types of garage floor coatings.
  • Fast installation
    With Hello Garage, you can use your garage floor in just 24 hours after installation! Epoxy coating can take a week to cure.
  • Lifetime warranty
    Hello Garage believes in polyaspartic technology, and we're raising the bar. Learn more about our warranty here.
    Work with one of our Garage Gurus in your city to come up with a custom quote for your garage renovation. No obligations or commitment needed.

What about epoxy garage floors?

The Hello Garage team did our research to determine the best garage floor coating based on a few criteria- longevity, durability and appearance, to name a few. Even though epoxy floors are popular, homeowners see so many issues over time. Some of the most common epoxy floor issues include:

  • chemical burns
    Chemical Burns

    Epoxy flooring is very susceptible to chemical burns from oils, gasoline, diesel and other spills. Polyaspartic garage floors won't pick those marks up if you remove them quickly and if they do, our lifetime warranty has you covered.

  • poor flake distribution
    Poor Flake Distribution

    Both professional and DIY epoxy floor coatings may exhibit poor flake distribution, meaning they won't look as dazzling as the Hello Garage polyaspartic floor coating. Our garage floor coating is available in 8 stunning colors with full-broadcast flake distribution every time. Say that five times fast.

  • peeling and flaking
    Peeling & Flaking

    Epoxy floor coating is prone to peeling and flaking. We're so confident that our HG garage floors won't do the same that we cover peeling in our lifetime warranty, too!

  • hot-tire pickup
    Hot-Tire Pickup

    If you live in a warmer climate, you already know what this is. Our polyaspartic floors won't fall victim to hot tire pickup, guaranteed.

  • yellowing

    Why invest in beautiful garage floors only to have them become faded and yellow? Polyaspartic technology ensures your floors won't yellow and will maintain their beautiful, granite-like appearance.

  • uv fading
    UV Fading

    With epoxy floors, you have to worry about leaving your garage doors open to protect against UV damage - where's the fun in that? With the Hello Garage polyaspartic floor coating, your garage is protected from sun damage all year round.

What about DIY garage floor paint?

DIY garage floor success stories are so few and far between that, we wouldn't recommend it. So much can go wrong when applying a garage floor coating on your own. The initial floor preparation is key and can't be completed properly without the right tools. Poor surface prep is one of the most common causes of DIY garage floor paint fails.

Moisture and damaged concrete may also cause DIY garage floor epoxy and other paints to fail. Luckily, Hello Garage uses industrial grade machinery to prep your floors, plus we repair any cracks or damage to ensure your garage floors are ready for the magic. Plus, DIY epoxy floor coating takes longer to cure, so that's more potential for a poor application. Learn more about our quick and professional garage floor coating process below.

HG polyaspartic floor coating - how it works

From the initial surface preparation, to our unique and durable top-coat, our HG polyaspartic application is a recipe for success. In just five steps and 24 hours, we elevate your garage from junk drawer to front door.

how polyaspartic flooring works

Step 1

Surface is thoroughly prepped using an industrial grinder.

Step 2

Cracks and surface damage are repaired.

Step 3

Base coat is applied.

Step 4

Decorative flake is fully broadcast over the surface.

Step 5

Clear top coat is applied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Hello Garage floor coating cost? Is it expensive?

Over time, a Hello Garage polyaspartic floor coating is very cost-effective. Are there cheaper ways to coat your floor? Sure, but you'll likely have to redo them more than once, and they won't be protected by a lifetime warranty like ours. Our professionally installed polyaspartic flooring is guaranteed to last as long as you own your garage. That means it's something you only have to do once.

Can I install a DIY garage floor paint or polyaspartic coating?

Unfortunately for DIY'ers everywhere, 80 percent of garage floor coating success comes down to surface preparation. We have the specialized tools (we're talking big grinders and industrial vacuums) and the expertise to get it done right the first time. We ensure your concrete is free of damage, cracks, and abrasions that cause other methods to fail. We also test the moisture reading of your concrete slab with a professional tool to ensure the material will adhere properly.

Is polyaspartic technology really better than epoxy or polyurethane?

In a word, yes. That's why it's been the choice of warehouses, factories and other industrial applications for 40 years. Now it's available for residential garages. Plus, only polyaspartic floor-coating technology offers granite-like look and durability and can be installed in about a day.

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