Garage Floor Coating Cost Guide

How much will my garage floor coating cost?

Garage Floor Coating Cost Guide

One of the first questions we get asked when people call Hello Garage is: How much does your garage floor coating cost?

The short answer is that price varies from house to house, but we want to do our best to give you some general pricing guidelines. That is, after all, what you want to know!

Garage Floor Coating Cost Factors

There are several factors that impact the cost of garage floor coating:

  • The size of your space
  • How much moisture is under your concrete slab
  • The condition of the concrete itself - is there pitting and flaking concrete?
  • Is there already a floor coating on the concrete that you need removed?
  • How long you want the floor coating to last

Here's a quick quiz you can take to get a better idea of the cost for garage floor coatings:

  1. What is the current condition of your garage floor? Bare concrete itself is dirty and ugly. You already know that, which is why you are looking to improve it. Is it cracked, pitted, flaking or crumbling? If so, there will be some additional costs to repair it prior to applying the garage floor coating.
  2. Do you know what the moisture content below your concrete slab is? You may not. There is a tool that can measure this for you. You will want to know this because if there is moisture below the slab, it will prevent any garage floor coating from properly adhering to the surface. This will result in peeling or flaking of the coating and having to re-do it all over again. No one wants that!
  3. How long do you plan to stay in the home? If you are thinking less than 4 years, then polyaspartic floor coating may not be for you. Epoxy is cheap and won't last very long and if you only want to improve the appearance short-term (say because you are moving), well then epoxy might be the way to go for you.
  4. How important is durability of the floor coating? If this is high on your list, let's talk. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings won't peel or flake and they are chemical, abrasion and UV-resistant as well.
  5. How important is the appearance of the floor to you? Most people want to improve the look of their garage floor first before moving on to garage storage and organization options. Polyaspartic floor coating looks like polished granite and is just as tough.
  6. Do you have some foundation showing in the garage? This is what's called stemwall. And if you want that coated as well, that should be factored into the cost.
  7. Do you have stairs that you want to match the floor coating? It does look good!
  8. Do you want the apron done as well? This is the area that extends a little beyond your garage door when it is closed. Why not give the neighbors a hint of how beautiful the garage looks like on the inside?!
  9. Are you expecting to redo the floor again in a few years? No one really says yes to this, but again if you are, that's what DIY epoxy is for.

How much does it cost to coat a 2-car garage floor?

Bottom line: Plan to spend a minimum of around $2,500 and up for a standard two-car garage when it comes to polyaspartic garage floor coatings.

Starting price will vary based on the quiz questions above with factors like the condition of your concrete and the customizations you select.

So now that you know what goes into pricing a garage floor coating and what you could be looking to spend, what are your options? We've talked about a few, but below we'll discuss the top three options in more detail.

Polyaspartic Flooring vs Other Garage Floor Coating Options

New Look
Easy to Clean
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Environmentally Friendly
Professional Finish
1-Day Installation
24-Hour Return to Service
Resists Peeling
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Won't Yellow

Epoxy Garage Flooring Cost

DIY Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is often used as a generic term for floor coatings. Almost like Xerox for copies or Kleenex for tissue. You can purchase DIY kits from the big box stores. (You know, the big orange or blue ones). The cost of this could be less than $1000, but you also need to factor in the time it will take you to do this. And, it will not last more than a few years. It will peel, chip and flake. And then you will have to do it again, which now will cost you twice as much money and time.

Professional Epoxy Floor

Second, the professionally-installed epoxy floor coating. These will be a little more expensive than the DIY piece because you will pay for the labor. But, it is worth it to have a professional do it! You won't fill up the swear jar on a weekend and it will look so much better than bare concrete (which is ugly and dirty). The same issues with the DIY epoxy kit still stand here. Epoxy will peel, flake, have hot-tire pick up, fade and yellow in UV light. Wait, did you say "hot-tire pickup?" What is that? Go ahead, Google "epoxy hot-tire pickup"-we'll wait.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Cost

Poly-a-what?! Polyaspartic floor coatings are safe, durable, long-lasting and offer granite-like look and feel. They look better, wear harder and last longer than epoxy or weaker polyurethane options. So much so that polyaspartic coatings have been used in commercial applications like hospitals and airplane hangars.

Go on...

Polyaspartics are very similar to epoxies in that they are a two-part system blended together and cured. But it's a totally different chemistry because a polyaspartic is very, very watery when it first goes down. It's what they call a light, or small, molecule formula. This allows polyaspartics to adhere to every bit of the concrete surface. From here it levels out, filling in each crevice for a nice smooth surface. In addition to that, it's a small enough molecule that it will also penetrate the surface of the concrete. Polyaspartic material becomes one with the surface of the concrete.

Not sure what the best garage floor coating option is for you? Give us a call or schedule a free estimate and let our experts walk you through them.

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