Garage Organization & Accessories

Personalize your garage storage system with slatwall and accessories

Accessorizing can truly make a place your own. That is why Hello Garage offers handy add-ons with our garage storage system. Easily organize your space with our cut-to-fit slatwall, brighten it up with adjustable overhead lighting, and keep the floor clean by racking your bikes to some high-strength storage hooks.

With our garage storage accessories, you can create the organized, functional space of your dreams! Schedule a free estimate with your local Garage Guru to get started.

Garage Slatwall

Think of our garage Slatwall Set as a blank canvas - what you do with it is up to you. Need to get the kids' bikes off of the floor? No problem. Want to organize your athletic equipment? You got it. Want to store your gardening tools better? We can help you do that and much more!

The industrial-grade PVC means our slatwall is durable and will hold just about anything. Plus, wear and tear is practically invisible with color that goes all the way through. The Slatwall Set is also resistant to water, mold, mildew, weathering, and fading, creating a low-maintenance system that lasts for years to come.

Benefits of the HG Slatwall Set

  • Industrial-strength - Commercial-grade PVC for maximum durability & resilience
  • Long-lasting - Resistant to mold, mildew, water, fading, and weathering
  • Low-maintenance - Easy to clean with color all throughout to mask dings and scratches
  • Matches any space & style - Modular system that comes in three colors, including Snickerdoodle, Sugar, and Gingerbread
  • Tailored to you - A modular system that comes with multiple hooks and other accessories to meet your needs.

Slatwall Accessories

Not every item in the garage is supposed to be stored on a shelf or inside a cabinet. But how do you keep those tall rakes, miscellaneous tools, long ropes, and other routinely used items within reach and organized? Our slatwall accessories include hooks and baskets to help store these items on the wall, keeping them organized, out of the way, and handy whenever needed.

Hello Garage offers a 10-piece starter kit of basic hooks and baskets, sold separately. We also offer pieces you can add individually for a more custom organization solution. We recommend ten accessories for every 4x8 ft. section.

Garage Lighting

Clutter is not the only thing that can create a dreary-looking garage. A single bulb dangling from the ceiling or a dim light attached to a garage-door opener can be just as appealing as a cop show interrogation room. We help create a more welcoming space with our Overhead Lighting.

Our LED lighting only uses 45 watts of energy and produces 3,500 lumens - this means they are energy-efficient and brighter than four 60 watt bulbs! The system also comes with three movable panels. So you can angle the light where you need it and adjust the brightness to how you see fit.

Bike Storage

Your garage is a multipurpose place - it acts as an entryway, a storage space, and a work area. So why not get the most out of your garage by clearing up valuable floor space? With our bike storage accessories, you can vertically hang your bikes in seconds, safely storing them on the garage wall and off the floor.

Our heavy-duty bike storage hooks can hold up to 40 pounds and accommodate all wheel sizes, except for fat tires. The bike hooks also come with a rubber sleeve to protect your bike from scratches and a tray to prevent scuff marks on the wall.

Garage Storage System & Accessories

Garage Storage System Accessories

If you are tired of the clutter taking over your space, ask about our garage storage upgrades and accessories. While the standard garage storage system is customized to meet your needs, you may still want more to make the most out of your space. Need taller supports to fit more shelving, baskets for easier storage, or extra hooks to keep tools within reach? We provide these solutions and more, including:

  • 8 ft. tall garage storage system - Our garage storage system comes in standard 6 ft. upright sections. But we also offer 8 ft. tall pieces for homes with higher ceilings. By making the system taller, you can fit more shelving, baskets, or accessories.
  • End trim - Our storage system also comes with optional upright end trim. The powdered gunmetal finish assures the end trim matches the rest of your system, is just as durable, and will create the polished look you want.
  • Drop zone upgrades - If you want a more durable, elegant-looking drop zone, you can upgrade the bench for a maple wood butcher block, complete with a penetrating mineral oil coating for additional protection. The drop zone also comes standard with a hanging bar that includes four 4 in. ball hooks and a top shelf. But if that is still not enough storage, ask your Garage Guru about adding more hooks!
  • Workbench accessories - From scrapbooking to woodworking and anything in between, you want your workbench to be as neat as possible. That is why we offer additional shelving beneath the bench. The pegboard add-ons also keep tools and other objects organized and within reach, which includes the 4 in. ball end hooks, a large basket, and a 4 ft. mounting bar with plastic bins attached. You can even upgrade the standard workstation for a maple wood surface coated with penetrating mineral oil for added protection.
  • Garage shelving add-ons - Need to quickly store coats, blankets, or other items off of a shelf? No problem! Our garage shelving units come with 4 ft. long 16 in. deep wire baskets and ends. The baskets and ends are powder-coated with a sleek gunmetal finish to match the rest of the HG Storage System and add durability.

Schedule your free consultation and estimate with a Garage Guru near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hello Garage accessories worth it?

We sure think so. While our standard garage storage system is customized to suit your needs, you may still want to get more out of your space. We spent a ton of time researching all of the garage organization options out there, adapting the best products available to pair seamlessly with the HG Storage System. So whether you need energy-efficient garage lighting to brighten up the space, durable bike hooks to keep the floor clean, or additional slatwall baskets to conveniently store tools, we provide these solutions and more!

What makes Hello Garage slatwall different?

For starters, the industrial-grade PVC assures your slatwall will be stronger than most. Plus, color that goes all the way through, meaning scratches and nicks are practically invisible. We even anchor the HG Slatwall System to the wall - so it holds more weight and is safer too.

Can't I just buy some slatwall and install it myself?

You could. But why would you want to go through the hassle? Pairing the right accessories and making sure you install the slatwall correctly is not exactly a fun job. But our Dream Team enjoys it - they are kind of crazy like that. So why not just sit back, relax, and let someone do all the heavy lifting for you?

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