Garage Drop Zone

The mudroom you never had.

Ever wish you had a space to hang your jacket, take off your dirty shoes, put down your bag, and enter your home without leaving a messy trail behind you? A mudroom or designated drop zone is key for keeping your home organized and keeping the dirt where it belongs - outside.

A garage drop zone by Hello Garage gives you a place to drop your stuff without having to sacrifice precious space inside your home. Contact your local Garage Guru to get a free estimate on our garage drop zone, garage cabinets, and any of our other storage solutions.

Garage Drop Zone

Okay, so what really is a drop zone?

A drop zone is a place where you can sit down, take off those muddy work boots, hang up your heavy coat, and go about your day. And as a bonus, it's part of our Garage Storage System. You can customize and add our drop zone station to any of our existing garage storage systems, from our shelving to our workbench. Now try to find that kind of customization at your local retail store. We dare you.

Hello Garage Drop Zone

This drop zone can hold all your coats, backpacks, tubs, totes, sports bags and more. It's a mudroom... in...

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All the fixins

Each part of our drop zone is made from commercial-grade steel, so you can say they're pretty durable. Our standard 4 ft. 2 in. wide, 25 in. deep drop zone system comes with the following fixtures:

  • Two uprights - 6 ft. tall each that include multiple slots for different height preferences and adjustable feet that can go on uneven garage floors.
    • Upgrade option: Have a taller garage space that can fit more stuff? We have 8 ft. tall upright options for those taller spaces that can hold more of your belongings.
  • Two upright spanners - These attach the frame to the wall so the system stays in place.
    • Upgrade option: If you're going for a more polished look, our upright end trim is the way to go. It's a smooth steel piece that attaches to the original uprights to provide a more finished appearance. Powder-coated in our Hammer Gunmetal of course!
  • Two shelves - Each 22 in. deep. One is used as a sitting bench and the other is an overhead storage shelf.
    • Upgrade option: Want a more elegant looking place to sit? Our Maple Wood butcher block, finished with a penetrating mineral oil coating, can help give you that added effect. Plus, our shelves come in a 16 in. depth option and a 25 in. depth option.
  • One backboard - 1/4 in. thick hardboard painted in charcoal for a sleek backdrop.
  • Two rails - One bottom rail and one top rail to hold the backboard in place.
  • One crossbar - Placed below the overhead storage shelf to hold the hooks.
  • Four hooks - 4 in. long hooks to hold all your easy to access possessions, including hats, coats, bags, and more.
    • Upgrade option: Four hooks isn't enough for your stuff? Extra hooks can be added by one of our Garage Gurus!

Garage Drop Zone

What makes the Hello Garage drop zone so unique?

Here are a few standout points that set us apart from the other guys:

  • Durable - From the uprights to the shelving, our entire system is made from commercial-grade welded steel. One storage shelf alone can hold up to 300 lbs evenly distributed and a maximum of 800 pounds per 4 ft. section. Need we say more?
  • Customizable - Our shelves come in three different depth sizes and our uprights come in two different heights that offer multiple slots to adjust the height of your shelves. They also have adjustable feet that can go on uneven garage floors. You can say we like to bend the rules a bit.
  • Sleek design - Our powder-coated system finished in our Hammered Gunmetal color helps hide dirt, grime, dust, and other debris that you don't want others to notice - and it looks super sleek.
  • All-in-one system - All systems, whether it be our shelving, cabinets, workbench, or drop zone, are built off of the same frame. I'll bet you can't find that kind of value deal at your local retail store.
  • Limited lifetime warranty - Ask your local Garage Guru about our dependable warranties.

When it comes to wanting the best of both worlds, our drop zone station is simply that- storage space and a place to take a seat all in one. Plus, it's another thing to brag about to your friends.

Expert results start with expert service

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Our experts are here to help transform your garage into a neat, organized space you're proud to use and show off to your friends. With the help from our Garage Gurus, you can have a brand new way to organize in no time. Plus, we offer add-ons and upgrades to our drop zone station to help you create a space that works perfectly for your needs.

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