Garage Drop Zone

Don't have room for a mudroom? Well, now you do.

A mudroom or designated drop zone helps keep your home organized while keeping dirt and grime where it belongs — outside. That’s because the first thing you do when you get out of the car is look for a place to drop your stuff. Stuff that can be wet, muddy or simply something you don’t need or want in the house. If you have a mudroom, no problem. But if you don’t, a drop zone is the ideal place for anything you need handy — but you don’t need inside. Find a Garage Guru near you and get ready to enjoy the luxury of your very own garage drop zone!

The Bottom Line:  A Hello Garage drop zone is the perfect way to connect your home to your garage and is the perfect spot for muddy boots and rain gear, backpacks and seasonal items.

So, what makes the Hello Garage Drop Zone different?

Unlike drop zones made more to look good on social media rather than work well day after day, ours is made of industrial-strength welded steel that's powder-coated for rust resistance. Plus, our shelving is ridiculously strong and built to last a lifetime. Which is why we stand behind it with an industry-leading warranty.

Why Choose Our Garage Drop Zone

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Industrial-strength welded-steel, powder-coated for rust resistance

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Shelves hold up to 300 lbs. each, evenly distributed
(max 800 lbs. per 4 ft.)

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Industry-Leading Warranty

Learn about our industry-leading warranty.

What's Included With the Hello Garage Drop Zone

Our standard drop zone has everything you need to give you that mudroom you've always wanted — without having to build a mudroom — including:

  • Two 6' Uprights — Made from powder-coated heavy-duty steel these serve as the backbone of the system and feature adjustable feet for uneven garage floors.
  • Two Upright Spanners — These attach the frame to the wall, so everything stays in place.
  • Two 22" Deep Shelves — Each holds up to 300 lbs. evenly distributed. The bottom serves as a sturdy bench.
  • Backboard — Made from 1/4" thick hardboard and painted charcoal.
  • Crossbar — One top, one bottom to hold the backboard in place.
  • Four Hooks — Each is 4" long and can be arranged to hold hats, coats, bags, etc.

We also offer an upgraded drop zone to give you even more garage storage space - plus, it includes extra features like:

  • Increased Height — 8' option for taller garages and more room.
  • End Trim — Powder-coated gunmetal gives a finished look to the drop zone
  • Butcher Block Bench — Made from solid wood and finished with mineral oil. Additional shelving depths of 16" and 25" are also available.
  • Additional Hooks — When four just isn't enough!
Garage Drop Zone standard
Garage Drop Zone with upgrades

Installing Your Hello Garage Drop Zone

When we arrive with your new Hello Garage Drop Zone, we first install the welded-steel uprights and spanners and add the backboard, bench, shelf and other components. Then, we use the built-in leveling system to adjust everything so it's perfect. Finally, we add trim, a crossbar and hooks. In other words, you can relax and do whatever you need to do. We've got this.

Industry-Leading Warranty

We've got you covered. Whether or not this is your forever home, you want your stuff to not only last but also work as designed for as long as you need it to. You'll be happy to know our drop zone is made in the USA with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, so we stand behind it with an industry-leading warranty.

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Want Professional Results? Hire a Professional.

The Hello Garage Drop Zone is installed by our world-famous (ok, maybe locally famous) Dream Team. That means they already know exactly where it's going when they arrive. Then they do all the prep, measuring and heavy lifting to get it securely in place. All you have to do is hang up your raincoats and backpacks. How easy is that?

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