Garage Workbenches

Got stuff to do? You need the Hello Garage Workbench.

From hobbies to repairs and much more, if it involves using tools or glue to fix or create something, you'll appreciate having a sturdy, flat purpose-built garage workbench surface to do it on. Especially one that holds up to 300 lbs. and can store all sorts of useful tools close at hand. After all, the kitchen table is for eating, not for repairing a broken lamp, right? Schedule your free estimate and get your garage workbench going today!

The Bottom Line: The Hello Garage Workbench gives you a dedicated space to do stuff — from hobbies to repairs and much more.

Why Choose Our Garage Workbench Shelf

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Choose from a variety of accessories and upgrade options

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Industrial-strength welded-steel, powder-coated for rust resistance

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Shelves and worktop hold up to 300 lbs. each, evenly distributed
(max 800 lbs. per 4 ft.)

What's Included With The HG Workbench

  • Heavy-duty frame — Essential structural components support the entire system. Made from industrial-strength welded steel.
  • Spacious, durable work surface — Large worktop gives you plenty of space to do your stuff, plus it's sealed to resist spills.
  • Pegboard backing — Made from sealed hard board.
  • Adjustable — Designed to meet ADA requirements, can be mounted at any height.
  • Increased space — 8 ft. frame holds more of your things.
  • Additional shelving — Add 16", 22" or 25" shelves.
  • Butcher block work surface — Made from solid wood.
  • Accessories — Organize your space with Hello Garage baskets, bins and hooks.
Hello Garage Workbench
Garage Workbench with upgrades

Installing the Garage Workbench

When we arrive with your new Hello Garage Workbench, we first install the welded-steel frame that supports it and use the frame's built-in leveling system to adjust everything so it's perfect. Next, we add shelves, pegboard and the worktop material of your choice (a standard top or an upgraded wood butcher-block surface). Finally, we add trim and any Hello Garage hooks, baskets and bins to your pegboard to personalize your space. In other words, all you need to do is relax and plan your next project!

Industry-Leading Warranty

We've got you covered. Whether or not this is your forever home, you want your stuff to not only last but also work as designed for as long as you need it to. You'll be happy to know our workbench is made in the USA of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, so we stand behind it with an industry-leading warranty.

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Want Professional Results? Hire a Professional.

When you get a workbench for your garage, your first project shouldn't be having to install the bench itself! With the Hello Garage Workbench, our Dream Team does all the measuring, prep and heavy lifting. When it's all done, your workbench is perfectly level, designed to your specific needs and ready to use!

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