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"Just put it in the garage!" Everybody does it. But over time, that pile of camping gear and sports equipment that started in the corner of your garage grows and grows, shrinking your space to a barely usable minimum. Well, Hello Garage has the perfect solution: Professionally installed overhead garage storage that's lightweight, adjustable and big and strong enough to get your gear off the ground! Find a Garage Guru near you and get ready to reclaim your garage space!

The Bottom Line: Hello Garage Overhead Garage Storage units are the perfect way to maximize space by getting heavy, bulky stuff off the floor and out of the way.

Why Choose Our Overhead Garage Storage

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Each unit holds up to 500 lbs.

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High-quality, industrial strength steel — you know it's built to last a lifetime.

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Each unit holds up to 85 cubic feet — that's six 27 gal. storage bins!

How the Hello Garage Overhead Garage Storage Works

Hello Garage Overhead Garage Storage units are super lightweight but extremely heavy duty, so they can hold a lot of bulky stuff that you want to get off your garage floor. They're highly adjustable, too, so they can be raised or lowered to accommodate varying garage ceiling heights. You can even add a second or third unit to increase your garage storage options!

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Installing Your Hello Garage Overhead Garage Storage

Hello Garage Overhead Garage Storage comes with first-class installation by our Dream Team. First, the garage's joists are located and the heavy-duty steel ceiling angles are secured to them. Next, the vertical angles are attached to the ceiling angles. Finally, the frame is assembled, lifted into position and connected to the vertical angles. Once installed and inspected, your new overhead garage storage unit is ready to hold your heavy, bulky stuff!

Industry-Leading Warranty

We've got you covered. Whether or not this is your forever home, you want your stuff to not only last but also work as designed for as long as you need it to. We stand behind our overhead storage with an industry-leading warranty.

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Want Professional Results? Hire a Professional.

Our storage solutions are professionally installed, so you never have to worry about going up a ladder and straining your neck trying to install a flimsy big-box overhead garage storage unit yourself. That's right! We do the measuring, prep and all the heavy lifting. So, relax! We'll call you when it's done.

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