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Before & After Photos

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The Cherry on Top of a Beautiful Garage in McLean, VA

This garage already had beauty and function, but needed more durability. That is where our Dream Team stepped in! We took this garage to a whole new level!

A Stained Floor is Beautiful for Years to Come in McLean, VA

Garages work hard. Hello Garage of Delmarva has the one hundred percent polyaspartic coating that works harder!  Use your garage for all the projects and never worry about stains again!

Moving In With a Gorgeous Garage in Laurel, MD

This new construction home is going to be a dream come true from day one for these homeowners!  A fresh new home with a fresh new garage floor coating!

A Floor that is Hidden Is Now on Display in Shady Side, MD

When garage floor cracks and becomes unsightly, what is a person to do? Initially this homeowner used a rug to hide unsightly cracks and defects in the garage floor. Now there is no need for the rug as our Dream Team installed a beautiful and durable polyaspatic garage floor coating that this homeowner will be proud show off for years to come!  Good bye rug, Hello Garage!!!

The Solution for This Garage Suffering from Epoxy Floor Problems in Seaford, DE

Epoxy floors have been an industry standard, but comes with some standard problems. This before picture shows the most common of those, tire peel. The warmth from the tires can pull epoxy coating off of the garage floor leaving you with a disappointing look. But the good news is that our polyaspartic coating will not suffer that same fate! This fresh new look will look brand new for years and years to come!

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