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What to expect when you're expecting Hello Garage.

We've all been through the bad contractor experience. The lack of communication. The rudeness. The dirty boots staining your carpet. In fact, we've come to accept this as the norm. We suck it up and deal with it. And then we write the check and move on.

If you'll pardon our French, we think that's a bunch of hooey.

We, the people, deserve better. Which is why we set out to redefine the homeowner-contractor relationship more than 40 years ago. And since then, we've helped raise the bar for our industry as we've raised expectations for homeowners all across North America.

And every single one of those phone calls, handshakes and hugs we've gotten over the years has filtered into the Hello Garage experience-which starts before we ever even see you.


You've probably noticed that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Oh, we take garages seriously, but when it comes to our people, we're all about the fun. That's because we love what we do and it shows.

So, when you make the decision to reimagine your garage space with us, here's what happens:

  • You get to talk to one of our super-nice customer service folks.
    These are seriously good people. Sort of like that favorite aunt-the one who always slipped you a few bucks when Mom and Dad weren't looking. They'll listen to you and arrange a time when we can come out and take a look at your garage.
  • Enter: the Garage Guru.
    He or she will be your own personal tour guide throughout your journey of garage discovery. The Garage Guru lives and breathes garages. They'll help you think outside that giant car-box to open up the possibilities and give your home that new room that was hiding right in plain sight.
  • Keeping in touch.
    We're big on communication, but we don't overshare. That means we'll send you information on the Hello Garage product or products we're installing, so you can start dreaming right away. We'll also email you to confirm your appointment, but we won't bombard you with spam either. (We hate that too.)
  • The Dream Team arrives.
    You hired professionals, and that's exactly what you'll get. Our Dream Teams are seriously good at what they do. That means they can coat a floor and hang cabinets better than anyone out there. And they do it all while being polite, courteous and downright lovable. (Except for Bob-he's just likeable. Don't ask.)
  • The final handshake... and beyond.
    The best part of the job-the reason we get up every morning-is seeing our customers' faces when they see their newly reimagined garages for the first time. It's a mixture of unbridled joy and childlike wonderment that can hardly be described. We can't wait to see your face when we're done with your space, too. And though we may be done with the job, we're never more than a phone call or email away if you should have a question or a concern or, hey, if you just want to chat.

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