The bling's the thing.

Who doesn’t like to accessorize? After all, how else do you truly make something your own? Your newly reimagined garage is no different. So, whether you’re brightening your space with adjustable lighting or racking your bikes and skis on some cut-to-fit slatwall, we’re your one-stop source for garage customization.

HG Slatwall Sets

Think of garage slatwall as a blank organizational canvas—what you do with it is up to you. That’s because, with our HG Slatwall Sets, you can configure your slatwall to do just about anything. Need to get the kids’ bikes off the floor to create more space? No problem. Want to organize athletic equipment? You got it. Want to get those gardening tools corralled? We can help you do all that and more. 

HG Overhead Lighting

Too many garages in this country are lit by a single old-school bulb dangling from the ceiling or by the one that came screwed into the garage-door opener. It makes the space about as welcoming as a cop-show interrogation room. But add some adjustable LED lighting and… voila! You’ve got somewhere you’ll actually want to be for more than 30 seconds!

Inspiration Gallery

We’ve already helped a bunch of people reimagine their garages. What could yours look like?

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