Hello Garage Storage

Storage so organized, it should have its own lifestyle show.

Say it with us: everything in its place. No more hunting for that pipe wrench as the kitchen faucet leaks all over the floor. No more searching for the sidewalk chalk or that bag of holiday ribbons. We’re talking pure, almost Zenlike organization and tank-like durability. But then that’s what you get with professionally installed garage cabinets and shelving obsessively designed and ridiculously overbuilt by a group of serious tool nerds.

Professionally installed Hello Garage cabinets are reassuringly tough yet surprisingly refined.

Aren’t there like a million garage cabinets out there?

Yes, you can buy garage cabinets from just about any big-box hardware store. But since they’re focused on buying low and selling high in big numbers, you might be looking at a whole bunch of issues.

  • dented doors example

    Dented Doors
  • scratched panels example

    Scratched Panels
  • creeping rust example

    Creeping Rust
  • inflexible configuration options example

    Inflexible Configuration Options
  • cluttered cables example

    Cluttered Cables
  • poorly designed closures example

    Poorly Designed Closures

How it works.

The HG Cabinet System consists of several parts, including cabinets, drawers, doors, work surface and hardware. The system is installed in five steps.

how polyaspartic flooring works

Step 1

We work with you to design the layout that best achieves your storage goals. See? It really is all about you.

Step 2

The area is prepared for installation and checked for obstacles.

Step 3

Cabinets are placed and secured firmly to the walls and each other.

Step 4

Cabinets are shimmed and leveled, and every drawer, door and closure is tested.

Step 5

Optional lighting is installed if selected.

Inspiration Gallery

We’ve already helped a bunch of people reimagine their garages. What could yours look like?

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