What to Know Before You DIY Your Garage Floor

Updated August 2022

DIY-ing Your Garage Floor? Read This First.

There are few things in life sadder than an unfinished DIY garage floor coating. You fret, you sweat, you watch YouTube videos that make it seem oh-so-easy… and then you finally admit defeat and call a professional — who you just know is going to lecture you on what you did wrong.

All this can be avoided if you set yourself up for success by knowing which household projects are doable by the average homeowner and which require professional work. When it comes to coating your garage floor, there’s no question - if you want a sleek appearance that will last a lifetime, you need to hire professionals to install it.

Professional Garage Flooring Installation

The Hello Garage Dream Team uses professional-grade tools to ensure your garage floor coating is installed to perfection.

The Best Garage Floor Coating Around

When it comes to restoring your garage floor, polyaspartic coatings are the best way to go. This newer technology is superior to both polyurethane and epoxy coatings for several reasons, the most important being its resistance to delamination (peeling and cracking) over time. The key to resisting delamination is surface preparation. In fact, experts agree that about 80% of a successful polyaspartic garage floor coating installation is down to superior surface preparation.

Epoxy Garage Floor DIY vs. Professional

Hello Garage’s expertly installed Polyaspartic Floor Coating System outperforms polyurea garage floor coating and epoxy in almost every way, including the following:

  • Won’t peel, fade or flake over time
  • Attractive, granite-like finish
  • Stands up to hot-tire pickup & chemical burns
  • UV-resistant, so it won’t yellow

When it comes to upgrading your garage floor, there’s no question that Hello Garage offers the best garage floor coating in the business.

HG vs. The Competition

Reap the benefits of a beautiful, durable garage floor with Hello Garage.

Professional Garage Floor Coating Installation

A lot goes into a proper professional garage floor coating installation. For starters, effective installation requires expensive commercial-grade equipment that is difficult to obtain. Below are just some of the steps the Hello Garage team takes to ensure your garage floor coating is built to last:

  1. Our highly trained floor coating installation team (aka the Dream Team) fills in cracks and other damaged areas of the garage floor with an epoxy sealer.
  2. After that, they grind the surface to prepare it for the initial coat of polyaspartic material.
  3. Then, they sweep and mop to get rid of any dust.
  4. Once the floor is prepped, the crew will lay down the first coat of polyaspartic material.
  5. Next, thousands of vinyl chips are dispersed with a “full-broadcast” method, giving the coating a granite-like look.
  6. Once the chips are distributed, the surface is prepped again for the final clear coat.

Why not DIY your garage floor?

Beautiful & Affordable Garage Floor Coating

Hello Garage efficiently installs a long-lasting epoxy floor coating alternative.

As mentioned earlier, poor surface preparation can lead to delamination. That means the coating will de-bond from the concrete beneath, starting to peel and flake. And, unless you have the expertise and access to the professional tools and machinery needed to adequately prep the surface, there is a high chance of eventual delamination.

Beyond surface prep, there’s the actual installation. There’s an art to a full-broadcast chip distribution. If done poorly, the finished surface will look strange. If the topcoat is too thin, it won’t last. Too thick and it will be slippery and potentially dangerous.

Skip the hassle - call Hello Garage instead!

So, instead of pulling your hair out trying to coat your garage floor yourself (and likely having to redo it in a year or two when it begins to delaminate), why not relax and have a team of experienced professionals do it for you?

Call Hello Garage today at 888.59.GARAGE or fill out this online form to schedule your free estimate.


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