How to Turn Your Garage Into the Ultimate Holiday Hosting Space

holiday party in garage

You guessed it… the perfect holiday party spot is your garage!

If you’re hosting family and friends this holiday season, you’re probably already wondering where exactly in your home you’re going to have your little get-together. The living room? And risk spilled red wine on your new wall-to-wall? No, thanks! The family room? The youngest kids will already be in there watching cartoons. And you don’t want everyone ending up in the kitchen crowding you as you baste your turkey or ham.

No, you need a space that’s large enough to accommodate a crowd, but one that can also handle the inevitable spills and scuffs that come with any holiday gathering. One that’s preferably located right off your kitchen.


Preparing Your Space for a Holiday Party

Unless your home is brand-new, you’re probably already thinking, “Eww, gross. My garage?” And it’s true that, for most of us, our garages have devolved into dark, dingy spaces with oil-splattered floors and piles of paint cans stacked in the corner. Not exactly the most welcoming of spaces.

holiday decor

Transform your garage and holiday party experience with a total garage makeover!

But there are ways to upgrade your garage space and turn it into a place people actually want to be. However, it’s going to take a bit more than just hanging some tinsel and colored lights. It’s going to take a dream garage transformation.


A Garage Renovation From the Floor Up

Cracked, stained concrete isn’t going to cut it for your festive holiday venue. You’re going to need a proper garage floor coating. This is actually the most important, most transformative thing you can do to your garage, because once you’ve renewed your floor, you’ll look at your garage space a whole new way, and everything else will fall into place.


Garage Floor Coating Options

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HG polyaspartic garage floor coatings are as beautiful as they are durable- the perfect backdrop for holiday memories.

There are several options to consider when choosing a garage floor coating. The first involves DIY floor solutions like garage floor paints and garage floor epoxy kits. But most people don’t have the tools and experience to use these properly — especially when it comes to surface preparation, which is the key to success in this area. So, DIY solutions are often frustrating to apply and only look good for a few months before they start to fail.

With professionally applied garage floor coatings, you’ve got a choice between epoxy and polyaspartic. While epoxy is very hard and looks pretty good, it can eventually crack and peel. It’s also not UV-resistant, so it’s susceptible to yellowing over time. Epoxy garage floor coatings also take a long time to cure — up to a week or more — during which time you won’t be able to use your garage.

In our experience, polyaspartic floor coatings are the way to go. While they’re relatively new to the garage floor game, polyaspartic technology has been used in high-traffic industrial applications like factories and warehouses for decades. So you know it’s super-durable.

But the best part is, when it’s installed by an experienced crew of flooring professionals, it looks stunning, almost like polished granite. And once you see your garage transformed with a brand-new floor, you’re really going to be excited about the next step.


Tackling Garage Storage and Organization

Remember those paint cans we mentioned earlier? Well, they need to find a place to live that’s out of the way yet easy to access. And that goes for all the other stuff you’ve accumulated in your garage over the years. Tools. Sports equipment. Cleaning supplies. You get the idea.

That means shelving and cabinets, and, while you’re at it, you may as well add a workbench and a drop zone into the mix. Slatwall panels are ideal for storing long tools and oddly shaped items and getting bikes up off the floor to free up space. And if your garage is tall enough, why not add some overhead storage too?


Using Your Garage Storage For Holiday Hosting

garage lighting

Illuminate a festive, organized garage space with long-lasting, efficient LED lights.

When it comes to your holiday party, a workbench surface makes an ideal buffet for serving mulled wine, punch, eggnog and other seasonal favorites. Slatwall hooks are great for hanging holiday decorations or storing coats and scarves.

A really fun idea is to create a seasonal selfie spot by hanging balloons and tinsel to create a holiday-themed frame — sort of like the kind you’d see at a high-school prom photo station. You could even provide a selfie stick for your guests and hang it right on one of the hooks!

Most higher quality garage shelves are adjustable, so you can move them easily to create extra room for crockpots, chafing dishes and other buffet-ready essentials. (Make sure there are power outlets nearby so you don’t have to run too many extension cords.)

Lastly, you’ll want to upgrade your lighting. This is a festive time of year, after all. You don’t want your holiday fun dampened by the stark and unrelenting lameness of a single overhead bulb! No, you’ll want long-lasting, efficient LED lights that’ll brighten every corner of your garage (and show off that new floor, of course).

One other thing. If you live in a northern state, you should also consider a garage heater to warm your space. Remember, frosty is for snowmen — not holiday guests!


How to Find A Professional Garage Renovation Company

Once you decide to go ahead with your professional garage renovation, look for a company that has the skills, experience and specialized tools to get it done quickly and get it done right. Believe us, you do NOT want to have to pull everything out of your garage and do this again any time soon. That means going with a dedicated garage renovation company, one that specializes in polyaspartic floor coatings, and not a general contractor or local handyman service.

Once the holidays are over, you’ll have a totally transformed garage that will open up the possibilities for the whole family. Band rehearsals? Sure! Home gym? Of course! Ballet studio? Why not! Add a fridge and TV, and you’ll be the most popular house in the whole neighborhood.

We hope we’ve started your wheels turning, and you’re already imagining how cool your new garage will look. So, start planning now. You’ll make your dream garage a reality in plenty of time for the holidays!

Hello Garage can help with your holiday garage transformation, offering expertise and industry-leading products, including polyaspartic floor coatings, welded-steel shelving and cabinets and a variety of organizational and lighting accessories. Click here to book your free estimate and get your garage ready for the coming holiday season!


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