Small Garage Organization Hacks

Small garages pose a unique challenge for storage and organization. But there is good news! There are tweaks and strategies you can make in even the smallest garages to make the most of the space available. Speaking of space, it’s helpful to know how much room you have to work with before making any big changes to your garage.

How big is a standard two-car garage?

There’s debate on whether or not there is a “standard” garage size, as there are a few different varieties and layouts. A good rule of thumb is a garage measuring 20 feet deep by 18 feet wide (20’ x 18’), which is about as small as a garage can get while still comfortably being able to park two cars. Some two-car garages are slightly smaller, and some are slightly larger.

How big is a one-car garage?

One-car garages are similar in length to two-car garages, but the width is significantly smaller. Most one-car garages measure 20 feet deep by 14 feet wide (20’ x 14’).

Whether you have a two-car garage or a one-car garage, the following tips will help you transform it into the organized oasis you’ve always wanted.

Best Small Garage Organization & Storage Tips

When considering the best small garage hacks, it’s important to start with your needs and wants. What do you need to make your garage the most functional for your lifestyle? Are there elements you want to have but aren’t totally necessary? Don’t let the lack of space hinder your plans – you can make the most of your small garage with these simple hacks.

  • Declutter Your Items
    Disorganized garage
    Organized small garage
    Making room for any future storage for your small garage starts with decluttering the items you no longer use or need. Dispose of/recycle broken equipment and donate items you haven’t used in the past year (excluding seasonal tools).
  • Create Zones Do you love to work out or spend time working on projects in the garage? If so, you may have noticed tools and equipment starting to accumulate and spread throughout the space. Creating zones dedicated to different hobbies and uses can help you keep things organized. The more organized your garage is, the more space you have to workout, finish a project or enjoy your favorite hobby.
  • Use Bins, Boxes & Organizers for Smaller Items
    Small garage storage

    Wall-mounted storage solutions are perfect for saving space and maximizing the possibilities in your small garage.

    Small items may not seem like much, but with enough time and volume, they can quickly seem like they’re taking over your space. Incorporating organizational items and accessories, such as cabinets and shelves, make it easier to keep a small garage tidy. In addition to keeping things off the floor and out of the way, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing every item has a home.
  • Add Overhead Storage This is the best thing to utilize when you have a small space. It can be used to store canoes, bins, paints, fishing gear and more. Overhead storage makes the most of your space, keeping items off the floor in a previously unused area. A small garage can often feel cramped, but installing overhead storage frees up more space for other uses.
  • Utilize Wall-Mounted Organization Solutions Using pegboards, track systems or slat walls can be incredibly useful for storing yard supplies, tools, sporting items and more. It can help you achieve any of your small garage workshop ideas and instantly give your space a fresh, new look whenever necessary.
  • Install Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings A polyaspartic garage floor coating is the perfect way to upgrade your garage and make it an extension of your living space. This special coating is resistant to oil spills, chemical fluids and more, so you never have to worry about any permanent marks or mess-ups.

A small garage doesn’t have to be limiting! It can have many uses, as long as you make the most of the available space. These small garage workshop, storage and organization ideas can help keep your garage neat and tidy.

Maximizing Space in Your Small Garage With Trusted Products

small garage organization solutions including overhead storage and slatwall

Utilize more space with vertical storage solutions like overhead storage and low-profile slatwall!

Looking for the “must-have” storage products can make all the difference in your small garage storage and organization plans. All Hello Garage products come with industry-leading lifetime warranties that are created specifically for you. You’ll find everything you need right here.

  • Garage Shelving: This isn’t your typical garage shelf! With heavy-gauge powder-coated steel, Hello Garage shelving is built to last and can sustain up to 300 pounds per shelf. These industrial-grade shelves are made to take your small garage plans to the next level!
  • Overhead Garage Storage: Store your canoe, camping gear, fishing equipment and sporting things up and out of the way! Hello Garage Overhead Storage is highly adjustable so it can be custom-fit to store whatever gear you use. Each unit can accommodate up to 85 cubic feet of your stuff and can hold up to 500 pounds.
  • Cabinets: Get rid of clutter with Hello Garage garage cabinets, which feature a welded-steel construction and are powder-coated for optimal rust resistance. To make this product even more space-conscious, each cabinet is equipped with sliding doors that have recessed handles. That means no car dings or wasted space!
  • Slatwall and Track System: If you’re looking to maximize storage space, look no further. Hello Garage industrial-strength slat wall sets and accessories provide long-lasting and low-maintenance storage. Think a slat wall is more than you need? Our track system is compatible with our slatwall accessories and provides versatile mounting and enhanced durability with powder-coated steel. These products are perfect for storing sports gear, ladders, lawn tools and more.
  • Workbench: Having a dedicated space for your hobbies and repairs can make your small garage less cluttered. HG shelves and worktops hold up to 300 pounds each, making them ideal for any project you take on. With a heavy-duty frame and pegboard backing, you’ll quickly find that this is the perfect small garage workbench.

Small Garage FAQ's

  1. How do you store bikes in a small garage?
    Bike hooks

    Bike hooks are a great solution for small garages. Combine with a slatwall to keep large items up and off the ground!

    With Hello Garage bike storage accessories, you can hang your bike vertically in seconds. Our heavy-duty bike storage hooks can hold up to 40 pounds and accommodate all wheel sizes (except for fat tires). The bike hooks also come with a rubber sleeve to protect your bike from scratches and a tray to prevent scuff marks on the wall.
  2. How do you store a canoe in a small garage? Storing a canoe in your garage has never been easier! Hello Garage overhead storage can accommodate your average canoe. Each unit holds up to 500 pounds and can store up to 85 cubic feet. Built with high-quality, industrial-strength steel and equipped with our lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to worry about lack of space again.
  3. Can you park a big car in a small garage? Yes! By utilizing overhead storage, cabinets, slat walls and more, you’re able to create the space you need to park a large car in your smaller garage.
  4. How do you store wood in a small garage? Garage shelving and cabinets are the best way to store things off your floor and in a safe, dry place. Hello Garage shelving and cabinet systems can hold up to 300 pounds. Our shelves allow you to choose from three shelf depths and two upright heights to fit your garage.
  5. How do you store a lawnmower in a small garage? Our slatwall is built with industrial-grade PVC, which makes it extremely durable, so it handles anything from winter gear to lawn equipment flawlessly. It is also resistant to water, mold, mildew, weathering and fading, creating a low-maintenance system that will last for years to come.

Hello Garage is here to bring new and innovative ideas to you and your small garage. To schedule your free design consultation and estimate with a Garage Guru in your area, click here!

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