September 10th Is National Clean Out Your Garage Day!

Cleaning garage

Well, don’t everyone clap at once! Ok, we know that you’re not looking forward to venturing into your dark, dingy garage to start delving into the piles of stuff that began years ago with an “Oh, I don’t know…just put it in the garage!” moment. We get it…those stacks of half-empty paint cans and old athletic gear have grown nearly beyond the point of no return. Since you can barely fit your vehicles inside, maybe it should no longer even be called a garage.

But the time has come to free yourself from the yoke of garage clutter. It’s time to open up the possibilities and reimagine that dark and disorganized doom cave as a true dream garage. Because it’s now a firm date on your calendar: September 10th. And we’re here to help.

A Job Begun

Getting started really is the hardest part. But when you involve the family - especially the kids, if they're old enough - it can actually be a fun trip down memory lane. You can think of yourselves as archeologists excavating a newly discovered site, uncovering artifacts, separating the junk from the gems and cataloging everything for the future. (See, this is fun already!)

Messy Garage

A messy garage can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be!


The key, once you’ve got everything pulled out, is how you organize it all when it has to go back in the garage. For that, you’ll need garage storage solutions of some kind.  Hello Garage Shelving is a great place to start since it’s super sturdy, holding up to 300 lbs. per shelf. Hello Garage Cabinets are an ideal addition, too, because they’re constructed from the same welded steel as the shelves, adding back, side and top panels and a door to keep things out of sight.

The Hello Garage Workbench is made from the same sturdy powder-coated steel frame as the shelves and cabinets and includes a solid butcher block work surface and a pegboard back to organize smaller hand tools and keep them right where you need them. Hello Garage Slatwall is perfect for getting long or oddly shaped items like bikes, string trimmers and lawn chairs off the floor. We even have a variety of other options, such as overhead garage storage racks and floating shelves, that can help create a personalized, customized storage solution as unique as your family.

Before You Put It All Back...

One thing you might consider (since you’re cleaning out your garage anyway) is how it would look with a brand-new garage floor coating. Right now, that blotchy, stained concrete is looking pretty dingy. But imagine your garage with a gorgeous new polyaspartic garage floor coating — one that looks like polished granite and wears just as well. One that won’t peel or crack like epoxy or yellow over time like polyurea.

That would really take your garage to the next level and, along with the organization stuff we’ve already talked about, allow you to use it for all sorts of activities you would never have considered before, such as:

  • Kids’ birthday parties
  • Graduation get-togethers
  • Holiday visitor overflow
  • Yoga studio
  • Hobby corner
  • Home gym

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

And just think, it all started by rolling up your sleeves and cleaning out your garage! Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Maybe. But you can’t have a dream garage if you don’t start dreaming!

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