Hello Spring Cleaning

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OK, nobody likes spring cleaning — we get that. But everyone loves the clean house when you’re done, right? Well, we’ve put together a comprehensive spring-cleaning list for you that’ll make it easy to go from dreading it to done in over the course of a month!

And while garage organization is our specialty, we’ve got stuff for you to do throughout the whole house. Don’t worry, though; we’ll help you clean and organize your garage too… So, are you ready? Don’t worry — you’ve got this.

4 Weeks of Spring Cleaning Tips

Hello Spring Cleaning - Image 2 Week One

  1. Throw away any expired food from your fridge and pantry and give your fridge a good wipe down too.
  2. Wash all your blankets, furniture covers and pillow cases.
  3. Wash your pillows according to their instructions! Can’t be washed? Maybe it’s time to replace them!
  4. In your linen closet, remove towels with stains or frayed edges. Also, look at old sheets and blankets. If you wouldn’t give it to a guest, don’t keep it.
  5. Unnecessary paperwork — make a pile of “toss or shred.”
  6. Clean your car inside and out. An InstaVac from Hello Garage makes this incredibly easy!

Hello Spring Cleaning - Image 3 Week Two

  1. Clean out your junk drawer. We all know you have one!
  2. Wipe down all your electronic devices (remotes, controllers, cell phones, etc.)
  3. Clean out your closet and make piles to donate or throw away. Any unmatched socks or anything with holes… just get rid of them!
  4. Clean out your medicine cabinet (yup, check pill expiration dates, old nail polish, etc.)
  5. Purge any dried-out pens or markers.
  6. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in over a year. You could even make some extra cash by selling it!

Hello Spring Cleaning - Image 4 Week Three

  1. Limit your mugs and water bottles. Do you really need that many?
  2. Dust — everything from lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to baseboards and vents.
  3. Vacuum... furniture and stairs too!
  4. Wipe down all your mirrors.
  5. Test your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors, then change batteries as needed.
  6. Paint adds a lot to your garage — when was the last time you touched up your garage walls? Have you ever painted them?

Hello Spring Cleaning - Image 5 Week Four

  1. Clean your appliances.
  2. Paint to touch up? Put your paint in a touch-up pen for easy touch-ups going forward!
  3. Flip your mattress, if you can’t — rotate it.
  4. Restock and organize your toiletries.
  5. Clean up those smudges on your walls and doors with a magic eraser.
  6. Wash out those trash cans!

Enjoy your squeaky clean home!

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

See how easy things can be — even the most daunting tasks — when you make a list and stick to it? Aristotle famously said that a job “well begun is half done,” and the list-making thing is a great way to begin any big job!

So, now that you’ve spring-cleaned the house, if you’re ready to take your garage to the next level, the experts at Hello Garage can help! We can help you maximize your garage storage with durable, good-looking cabinets, shelving, drop zones and more! Give us a call at 1.888.59.GARAGE or book online to set up a free consultation with one of our Garage Gurus. We absolutely live for this stuff!

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