5 Home Improvement Projects You Should Never DIY

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If you own a home, you’ve probably tackled a DIY project before. And when a project turns out successful, it can be a wonderful feeling. But when you’re halfway through a project and realize you’re in way over your head, the feeling can approach that of sheer dread. 

There are some DIY projects anyone with even the most basic set of tools should be able to do — fix a running toilet, paint an interior room and put up shelving, just to name a few. But there are definitely certain projects you want to leave to the professionals.  

  1. Anything But The Most Basic Electrical Projects So, we’re not just talking about changing a lightbulb or installing a dimmer switch here. We’re talking about anything that would require switching off breakers or removing fuses. The simple reason for this is the danger electrical projects present. There’s the danger of electrocution, of course — that you could be hurt or even killed if you inadvertently touch a live wire. But there’s also the lurking danger of a short that could cause a fire sometime in the future. So, if you’re thinking about wiring or rewiring anything in your home, it is best to call an electrical contractor.  
  2. Anything But The Most Basic Plumbing Projects We mentioned fixing a running toilet earlier. That’s something you should be able to fix on your own. And a leaky faucet, too, should be a relatively simple fix for the average homeowner. But when it comes to adding new plumbing fixtures or replacing pipes, even the slightest mistake can result in leaks that can cause serious issues either immediately or later on. And let’s not forget that where there’s moisture in a home, there’s always the danger of mold. So, yes, successful plumbing projects require the kind of experience you don’t get by simply watching a couple of YouTube videos.  
  3. Taking Down a Tree You’ve got a chainsaw. You’ve cut up firewood. You may have even climbed a ladder and trimmed a few low-hanging limbs. But if you’re thinking of felling an entire tree, you need to call a certified arborist. First, they’ll be able to tell if your tree actually needs to be removed or if, in fact, it can be saved. Second, if they determine the tree requires removal, they’ll be able to do it so that there is no damage to your property or your neighbor’s. You see, most people have trouble “eyeballing” how tall a tree actually is. And it’s common for someone to misjudge a tree’s height only to have it fall onto a neighbor’s roof or car! 
  4. Window or Skylight Replacement This is another project where you might watch a couple of tutorial videos and say, “How hard can it be?” Well, the answer is “pretty hard, actually.” That’s because windows must seal out cold and warm air to keep your utility bills as low as possible. More importantly, windows — and skylights, especially — need to keep out the rain during periods of inclement weather. A poorly installed window or skylight can lead to higher energy bills and leaks that cause floorboards to rot and mold to spread.  
  5. Garage Floor Coatings Here’s another one that’s tempting to DIY. After all, they sell floor coating kits at your local big-box store, so you should be able to coat your garage floor by yourself over a weekend, right? Well… no. Not if you want it to look good and last. We’re the experts here, and we know this stuff.

    Here’s the thing: The key to a successful garage floor coating installation is surface preparation. That means fixing cracks and other damage and using an industrial grinder to scarify the surface so that the coating material bonds with it properly. Fail to do this, and your coating will surely peel away over time. And that doesn’t just look bad; it also means you’ll have to haul everything out of your garage and do it all again. A professionally installed garage floor — especially a nicer polyaspartic floor coating — will look better and last much longer than one you attempt to install yourself.  

Know Your Limits — Leave Complex Projects to the Pros

So, yes, do the little projects around the house that you can handle yourself. Maybe even graduate to slightly larger ones as you grow more confident, and your toolbox grows fuller. But leave the big projects to the pros. By the way, this goes double if you’re considering tackling a home improvement project with your spouse or partner. Nothing will strain a relationship to its breaking point like a good old-fashioned DIY home improvement project!  

If you have any other questions or are in need of relationship advice, call Hello Garage at 1.888.59.GARAGE or visit HelloGarage.com.  

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