Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

Hello Garage recently partnered with social media influencer and DIYer Sheli Bungard on a garage makeover at her parent's home in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sheli Bungard is a social media influencer and DIY maven from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sheli flipped her first house at age 18 and has been going strong ever since. But then, growing up with two creative and handy parents likely had a lot to do with her current path.

So, when it came time to upgrade her folks’ three-car garage, she called Hello Garage.

New Garage Floor Coating for Sheli's Dad

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

The old polyurethane coating was no match for this car restoration enthusiast!

When we first talked to Sheli, she told us how her dad likes to restore old cars and how the old polyurethane floor coating he'd installed on his garage floor had turned into an icky, sticky mess after being exposed repeatedly to gasoline, oil, solvents and other chemicals.

So, she contacted her local Hello Garage Guru to arrange a free consultation. Sheli was impressed by her experience — especially by the video presentation that explained the process and the benefits of the polyaspartic floor coating they recommended.

Her Free Garage Flooring & Storage Estimate

Our Garage Guru took the time to measure Sheli's dad's garage thoroughly and input all the data into his tablet. He also showed her three different proposal tiers, including options for storage and organization products. By the time he finished the presentation, Sheli knew precisely what the job would entail and how much it would cost. She also had a good understanding of what makes polyaspartic flooring so superior to polyurethane and polyurea floor coatings. (Hint: It's the beauty and longevity.)

Time for the Professional Installation

Sheli liked what she saw in the presentation, so we booked her a date for her professional installation with the Hello Garage Dream Team.

In the meantime, Sheli had time to help her dad clear out the garage and get it ready for the big day!

The installation process took a few days — there was an old coating that had to be removed first — and began with our Dream Team filling in expansion joint cracks to ensure a smooth finish. Then the team broke out the big guns: a huge walk-behind industrial grinder. This was used to grind up the old nasty polyurethane floor coating and prepare the concrete surface for the polyaspartic material.

Note: Proper surface preparation is critical to a successful polyaspartic flooring installation. It requires a lot of expertise and some heavy equipment. It's why it should never be installed DIY or by anyone without a lot of experience.

Once the floor was prepped, the polyaspartic base coat was applied. Then the decorative flake was "fully broadcast" over the base coat. This means that a ton of it was used to cover the entire floor. This approach makes the finished floor look a lot like natural polished granite. Sheli chose pewter flake as the perfect neutral color for her dad's garage.

After the flake was put down, a top coat of clear polyaspartic material was applied to seal the flake and provide lasting protection. Then all that was left to do was to let the floor cure. This took about 24 hours.

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire - Image 3

An industrial grinder is used to prep the garage floor for the new coating.

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

Once the surface is prepped, a polyaspartic base coat is applied.

The Garage Renovation Reveal

Sheli and her dad were blown away when we revealed the finished floor. She was thrilled with the look — but more than that, she was excited that her dad could keep restoring his cars without worrying about gunking up his floor.

"We couldn't be happier with how the floors turned out!

Hello Garage takes every measure possible to make sure these floors are done correctly and in a timely manner.

Now when oil or gasoline spills on them, we know they are protected and won't cause a mess!

When I say they did not stop grinding, I mean it. This is a three-car garage and is by no means tiny; these guys were using some serious muscle power to get this top coat off."

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

How it started — The old garage floor featured a nasty, old, stained and sticky polyurethane coating.

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

How it turned out — A beautiful new pewter polyaspartic garage floor coating that looks a lot like polished granite.

About House on Wilshire

Hello Garage Partners With House on Wilshire

Sheli Bungard, DIYer, social media influencer and curator of House on Wilshire

Sheli has never been afraid of trying a new project and tries to convey that same "can do" attitude to her followers. Her designs and projects captivate and inspire her audience to reach outside their comfort zone and uncover their inner designer. She curates the House on Wilshire blog, where people can go for the latest DIY inspo for their own home projects.

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