A New Flooring Option for Your Boring Old Concrete Patio

Polyaspartic Exterior Concrete Coating

Enhance your outdoor space with a beautiful exterior polyaspartic concrete coating!

Do you ever wish your outdoor spaces could be as inviting as your indoor spaces — that your patio, for instance, could be as fun to hang out in as your living or family room?

You’re not alone. More and more people are recognizing the value of "outdoor rooms" they can use for entertaining and family fun. And your concrete patio or deck is a blank canvas just waiting for you to leave your unique mark on it.

But before you start shopping for all-weather furniture and accents, consider the actual patio itself. Right now, it’s just made of boring concrete. Gray. Drab. Blah. But there is a way to make it shine —  literally and figuratively. And it protects it from the ravages of the sun and the elements.

It’s called exterior polyaspartic floor coating, and it’s the same stuff that’s been used to coat garage floors for years. In fact, at Hello Garage, our 100% polyaspartic floor coating is our bread-and-butter business. It’s what we do, day in and day out.

Why use polyaspartic for exterior concrete?

Exterior polyaspartic coating

With a granite-like look and superior UV resistance, polyaspartic concrete coatings add visual appeal and durability to patios, porches and more.

Polyaspartic concrete coatings are awesome for a couple of reasons. First, they look fantastic — almost like polished granite. But unlike epoxy, polyurea or polyaspartic mixes, a 100% polyaspartic floor coating will last many years without cracking or peeling.

For one, instead of just sitting on top of the concrete’s surface like an epoxy, a 100% polyaspartic floor coating will literally bond with the concrete beneath it. And in lab testing, the concrete itself will fail before the coating pulls off. That’s how serious a bond it has with the surface below.

A 100% polyaspartic exterior coating is also UV resistant, so it won’t yellow over time like other exterior coatings. That means your patio will keep looking fabulous and impressing visitors for decades. Did we mention that it also makes cleaning up spills a snap? Instead of soaking into porous concrete and leaving a stain, spills just sit on the surface, waiting to be wiped up!

At this point, you’re probably asking, "What’s the catch?" Well, like anything, there is a catch — but it’s actually a pretty good one. That’s because "the catch" is polyaspartic floor coatings must be professionally installed by highly experienced crews to bond properly with the concrete surface. This isn’t something you can DIY or have your local handyperson do.

It’s a "good" catch because we know polyaspartic like the back of our hand. We install 100% polyaspartic floor coatings every day and have done so for years. So we have the specialized equipment, experience and expertise to do it right so it lasts.

Once you’ve seen a polyaspartic-coated patio or deck, it’s tough to imagine it any other way. It just looks so… right — especially once the furniture and accents are in place.

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