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Hello Garage Poised to Dominate Untapped $2B Garage Renovation Segment

Home Service Franchise `Opens Doors' to Entrepreneurs who want to Redefine the Home Contractor Experience

PAPILLION, Neb. (April 13, 2021) – Most entrepreneurs see an open door in the marketplace and move quickly to fill the gap. For the founders of Hello Garage, it was closed doors – hundreds of thousands of garage doors closed in shame around the country – that inspired the launch of this innovative and growing garage renovation franchise.


Embarrassed of how their garages have turned into giant junk drawers, the vast majority of U.S. homeowners keep their garage doors closed to keep the mess, floor stains and disorganization hidden from neighbors or passersby. Sadly, 25% of homeowners with a garage aren’t even able to park their cars inside amidst all the clutter. Even more astounding is that while garage renovation is a $2 billion segment that’s growing by 5% a year, no major national franchise is leading the way.


Taking notice of the marketplace gap was Hello Garage’s parent company Supportworks – a family-run enterprise that has been helping foundation and concrete contractors across North America scale their businesses for more than 12 years. The company’s core mission is to elevate the home contractor experience for consumers through high standards of customer service, seamless technology and a “people first” philosophy that extends from its home office into the field. After proving the Hello Garage model successful with a corporate-owned location that renovated 159 garages and generated $689,000 revenue over 12 months, Supportworks decided to “open doors” for entrepreneurs with a franchise opportunity.


The garage renovation franchise turns garages into dream spaces with a 24-48-hour turnaround time, allowing homeowners to enjoy their new and improved space with minimal disruption. Another key differentiation point is their use of a high-end polyaspartic floor coating proven to outlast epoxy, as well as customizable storage systems and other garage organization accessories.


Above all is the brand’s mission to elevate the home contractor experience for consumers through professional service backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition, with their proprietary sales software GarageView, customers are educated to understand exactly how Hello Garage can help them, what it takes to achieve their dream garage and exactly how much it will cost.


“We created Hello Garage to disrupt the industry by redefining it and becoming its undisputed leader,” said Dave Thrasher, president and co-founder of parent company Supportworks. “We will accomplish this through a continued focus on professionalism and top-notch customer service. We’ve already elevated the home contractor experience with our foundation and concrete dealers by providing them with proprietary consulting on every aspect of the business machine - from marketing and customer care to sales and production and more. Now, we’re adapting this proven model to the garage renovation space, and it’s already achieving similar success.”


Hello Garage is backed by over 45 years’ experience of raising home contractor standards.  In 1975, Greg Thrasher founded Thrasher Systems which would eventually help thousands of people with a customer-first approach to business. Thrasher Systems would go on to become the launching pad for Supportworks, which was born in 2008 to challenge the status quo. Supportworks designs and manufactures the highest quality foundation and concrete repair products in the industry, available exclusively to their dealer network in North America. Supportworks has achieved Certified Evergreen status from the Tugboat Institute, which involves a rigorous assessment and is awarded to only the most dedicated and purpose-driven companies who aim to continually improve and redefine success.


Hello Garage franchisees do not have to have home service or construction experience. Franchisee sales are supported with help from the Supportworks National Appointment Center, which boasts a track record of converting 65% of leads to sales appointments.


“Even before the pandemic, many homeowners wanted to turn their garages into a more functional space to serve as a home gym, office, man cave, entertainment area or virtual learning space, and now the garage is becoming a necessary extension of the home,” Thrasher said. “As the demand for garage renovation has never been higher, we’re filling a market niche. With no brand at the forefront and our strong foundation, the future is bright for Hello Garage.”


About Hello Garage

Backed by more than 45 years’ experience through its parent company Supportworks, Hello Garage is on a mission to elevate the garage from cluttered junk drawer to America’s true front door. More than that, Hello Garage franchisees aim to make the entire Hello Garage experience so remarkable, every homeowner will want tell their friends about it. Hello Garage helps homeowners organize and personalize their entire space with high-end polyaspartic floor coating proven to outlast epoxy, an exclusively-offered, and totally customizable storage system, and other garage accessories. Beyond proving industry-leading products, the creators of Hello Garage wanted homeowners to experience working with a trusted contractor. The core of the company is centered around providing a redefining experience for the customer – and has led to a successful business model with franchise locations across the country. If you’re interested in owning your own Hello Garage franchise, please contact us.



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