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Hello Garage Develops Simple, Inexpensive Slatwall Accessory Lock

Hello Garage product team unveils exclusive new lock to secure organization accessories.

Hello Garage Accessory Lock


Omaha, Neb. (September 19, 2022) – Hello Garage, a national home-service franchise specializing in garage renovation, has developed a new locking mechanism to secure hooks, loops and other accessories to slatwall systems. This new device prevents the annoying tendency of slatwall accessories to fall off the wall when bumped.


After researching a variety of existing slatwall locks and finding them too complex and expensive, Hello Garage engineers developed a new solution from scratch. Rather than relying on a complicated mechanism to achieve its intended use, the new accessory lock consists of a single piece that wraps around the accessory and snaps into the slat wall channel, holding it securely in place.


The new Hello Garage Accessory Locks are only available from authorized Hello Garage franchisees.


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