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Five Myths About Garage Floor Coatings

Let's walk through some misconceptions when it comes to different types of garage floor coatings. Read this before you refinish your garage floor!

Wednesday, April 21st

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Garage Gym

Converting your garage into a home gym is the perfect solution for working out when budgeting your time. No more trying to find time in your schedule to get to the gym, p...

Friday, April 2nd

The Best Place to Host A Graduation Party

Get your space graduation-ready with a durable garage floor coating and customizable storage options that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Tuesday, March 30th

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Garage Cleanout

The thought of cleaning out your entire garage can be daunting, which is why Hello Garage is here to help. Our team of Garage Gurus has put together a step-by-step checkl...

Wednesday, March 24th

Which Garage Floor Coating is Best? The Science Behind the Answer

We summarize the science behind the best and worst garage floor coating options. Considering garage floor paint, coating, or tiles? Our experts break it down from chemica...

Monday, February 22nd

What to Know Before You DIY Your Garage Floor

When it comes to installing a garage floor coating, there is more to consider than price. People often choose DIY options because they're cheaper, but is an inexpensive g...

Monday, February 22nd

Considering a Garage Renovation? Here's Everything You Need to Know

As families grow both in size and number, so too do all the activities and needs associated with them - from hobbies to sports to simply wanting a place to chill out and ...

Monday, January 11th

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