Declutter and Organize Your Garage With 4 Easy Solutions

Monday, June 28th by Katelyn Williams

If you’re like most people, you probably dread looking at your garage. It’s dark. It’s dirty. It’s piled high with half-empty paint cans, sports equipment, random tools and other “stuff.” It’s basically a giant junk drawer for your home. So, wouldn’t it be great to get all that stuff organized so it’s out of the way, yet easily accessible when you need it?

Features of the Best Garage Storage

We find that the best way to tackle garage clutter is a mix-and-match approach that gives you a tailored garage storage solution that fits your family’s unique needs. After all, the point is to choose a system that fits your needs — not the needs of the person who designed it! Whatever options you choose, make sure they’re built to last and designed to maximize your space. Oh and it would be nice if they look good too, right?

As an example, we looked at garage storage and organization options that meet all three of those criteria. They break down into four main products:

Garage Storage Options

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Enter... the best options for garage storage: shelving, cabinets, workbench and drop zones.

1. Shelving — Is your garage full of clutter that needs a place where it’ll be out of the way but still accessible? Then shelving should be your first choice. When it comes to quality garage shelving, consider the following:

    • Is it customizable? Garage shelves should adapt to your unique space and lifestyle. Look for solutions that offer different shelf depths and the ability to move shelves to different heights without completely uninstalling and reinstalling entire unit.
    • Make sure the shelving is well-made and constructed of durable materials.
    • If you’re storing heavy items, look for shelving that’s mounted to sturdy upright brackets that are secured to your garage’s studs. Also pay close attention to the shelves’ capacity ratings.

Built from heavy-gauge powder-coated steel, this durable garage shelving is strong enough for industrial use but available for your home garage. Attached to heavy-duty steel uprights that are themselves anchored to your garage walls, these shelves are seriously sturdy and can hold up to 300 pounds each, evenly distributed.

2. Cabinets — If you have items that need to be kept out of sight, cabinets make the ideal garage storage solution.

    • Once again, look for cabinets that can be customized for your particular needs. For instance, can two cabinets be combined to create one large one?
    • Sturdy materials are a must here. Look for heavy-gauge steel that’s coated to resist corrosion.
    • Pay attention to doors. Do they swing out, where they can ding your car door accidentally or do they slide back and forth? 

Made in USA from industrial-strength welded steel, check out these garage cabinets that are designed to be custom-configured to give any garage a clean, organized look. These start with Hello Garage’s super-strong uprights and shelves but add steel backs, sides and tops to enclose the entire system. Sliding doors with recessed handles complete the look. 

3. Workbench — Everyone should have a dedicated space for hobbies, repairs, etc. After all, your kitchen table is for eating, not for doing projects!

    • Ideally, a workbench should provide a smooth horizontal surface for projects, crafts repairs and other tasks.
    • Look for a bench that’s both sturdy and durable to stand up to years of use and abuse.
    • Smaller hand tools should be easily accessible via pegboard or another organization system.

This workbench gives you the perfect spot for hobbies, crafts and just about anything else that you need to do involving tools, glue and a little imagination. A solid butcher-block version is available that not only offers a classic look but also increased durability. It also comes with a pegboard to organize your tool collection.

4. Drop Zone — A drop zone is the perfect way to connect your home to your garage and it provides a great spot for muddy boots, rain gear, backpacks and seasonal items.

    • Sturdy, durable construction is crucial here — a drop zone is something you will use every day.
    • Look for coated, heavy-duty steel construction.
    • Shelving should also be industrial-strength and coated to resist rust.
    • Baskets and other storage accessories should fit neatly to provide quick access to seasonal items.

Check out this drop zone that features sturdy uprights, shelving and hooks that are all made from industrial-grade steel. Once installed, it’s like having a mudroom, but without having to construct an actual mudroom.

Making the Most Of Your Garage Storage

Now, it's important to find a company that offers all those storage features and can be customized to your specific garage space and needs, which is where Hello Garage comes in. Depending on your home and your family’s particular needs, you may add one, two, three or all four of these options. In fact, they can be combined and configured to offer any home a truly custom garage organization solution. For instance, you could combine two cabinets to form one large one. You can mount cabinets or shelves low for easy access… or mount them high to secure stuff up and away from your little ones’ curiosity.

Best of all, these garage storage and organization solutions are professionally configured and installed by friendly, knowledgeable people who have the experience and tools to get it all done in just about a day. How cool is that!Declutter and Organize Your Garage With 4 Easy Solutions - Image 2

Organize your entire garage space with these customizable storage options from Hello Garage.

Open Up the Possibilities with Hello Garage Storage Options

Once your garage is decluttered and organized, there’s no telling what you’ll do in there. In addition to storing your vehicles and the aforementioned hobbies and crafts, you could turn it into a home gym or yoga studio. Or maybe a rehearsal space for your kids’ garage band. A decluttered garage even makes the perfect spot for graduation parties and other family get-togethers! The point is, what you do with it is up to you. But you’ve got to organize it first!

It's Time to Get Organized

So, if you’re looking to declutter your life and take your garage to the next level, Hello Garage has dedicated Garage Gurus to help you design an organized space that will fit your needs. To book your storage consultation and free estimate, call 1.888.59.GARAGE now or book online here.


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