Garage Shelving

Too bad all garage shelving isn't this strong and tough...

A lot of the stuff you keep in your garage is heavy. Power tools. Cans of paint. Workout gear. You need shelves that'll take the weight — and look good doing it. More than that, strong, customizable shelves are the key to an organized garage. And who doesn't want that!

The Bottom Line: Built from heavy-gauge powder-coated steel, Hello Garage shelving is strong enough for industrial use but available for your home garage.

Why Choose Our Garage Shelving

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Shelves hold up to 300 lbs. each, evenly distributed
(max 800 lbs. per 4 ft.)

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Industrial-strength welded-steel, powder-coated for rust resistance

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Choose from three shelf depths and two upright heights to fit your garage

What's Included With HG Shelving

  • Two 6' Uprights — Made from powder-coated heavy-duty steel these serve as the backbone of the unit and feature adjustable feet for uneven garage floors.
  • Two Upright Spanners — These attach the frame to the wall, so everything stays in place.
  • Three garage shelves — Choose between three different depths: 16", 22" or 25"
  • Increased height — 8' option for taller garages and more room.
  • End Trim — These smooth steel pieces cap off the uprights for a more finished appearance.
  • Accessory Basket — Full-length 4' x 16" basket is ideal for oddly shaped items
Hello Garage Shelving
Garage Shelving with upgrades

Installing Your Garage Shelving

When we come to install your new garage shelving, we get right down to it. First, we secure the welded steel uprights that connect your unit to the wall. Then we install shelves and use the built-in leveling system to adjust everything so it’s perfect. Finally, we add trim and accessories, such as baskets, to personalize your space. In other words, relax and do whatever you need to do. We’ve got this.

Industry-Leading Warranty

We've got you covered. Whether or not this is your forever home, you want your garage storage to not only last but also work as designed for as long as you need it to. You’ll be happy to know our shelves are made in the USA of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, so we stand behind them with an industry-leading warranty.

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Want Professional Results? Hire a Professional.

Hello Garage Shelving isn't just shelving... it's shelving plus professional installation by our Dream Team! That means we work with you to configure it to your specifications, then we do all the prep and installation and we make sure your new garage shelves are perfectly level before you use it. In other words, relax — we've got this.

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