20 Quick Tips for DIY Garage Organization

Updated October 2023

DIY Garage Organizatin Tips

Transform your garage into an organized oasis with our quick tips for DIY garage organization and innovative solutions!

Is your garage feeling more like a cluttered cave than a functional space? You're not alone! Many of us struggle with the clutter that can accumulate in the garage over time. But fear not; we're here to help!

We've compiled a list of 20 quick-and-easy garage organization tips to help you take your garage from chaotic to calm. Get the details below!

20 Garage Storage Tips and Tricks

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just looking to reclaim your parking space, the pros at Hello Garage have you covered. Our garage organization tips will help you eliminate unwanted stuff while making room for new tools and toys. You’ll feel amazing when you walk into your garage and know exactly where everything is!

Let's dive in...

1. First things first : Empty your garage.

Completely clearing out your garage will allow you to inventory your items better. From there, you can begin sorting and organizing.

Pro Tip: If you have a total cleanout and declutter on your hands, check out our garage cleanout guide. It includes a helpful checklist and step-by-step guide to keep you on track while clearing out the clutter.

2. Install heavy-duty steel shelving.

Shelving is great for storing items that you need fast and easy access to. Look for shelving with a strong frame that won’t bend under heavy weight and is secured to the garage walls for safety. Hello Garage steel shelving can hold up to 300 pounds per shelf, making it ideal for storing exercise equipment, power tools, potting soil, mulch and other heavy items.

Slatwall and Garage Cabinets for DIY Organization

Our cut-to-fit slatwall and garage cabinets keep your space organized and looking good!

3. Use wall cabinets to store bulky items.

Heavy-duty garage cabinets keep items organized and out of sight. You’ll want to look for durable cabinets that can hold heavy items and are covered under warranty. With the right garage cabinetry, paint cans, cleaning supplies, tires and tools will be neatly tucked away.

4. Slatwall is great for getting stuff off the floor.

Slatwall frees up a ton of room in your garage by getting things off the floor and onto the walls. A custom cut-to-fit slatwall system is the perfect storage solution for items like brooms, shovels, ladders and sports equipment. When each item is located in an easy-to-access place, you won’t have to dig through crowded totes or bins anymore!

5. Use rollout bins to store supplies.

Rollout bins are excellent for storing towels, commonly used tools and household items. Their rollout functionality makes organizing, finding and accessing what you need easy. They can be stacked or rolled under shelves for convenience.

6. Cubbies for the kids.

Have a large family? Give everyone their own storage space with personal cubbies inside your garage cabinets. Cubbies can house items that you grab right before heading outside, such as sunscreen, sports shoes and pads, water bottles, gear for the car, toys and games.

7. Plastic storage bins.

Plastic storage bins are great for garage organization because they keep your items safe from any pests that might sneak in. Plastic storage bins are typically stackable, so you can safely store unused items from the floor to the ceiling.

8. Keep car items in one spot.

Build a "car care station" in your garage and stock it with everything you need to detail your car at home. You can include car wash soap, a stack of microfiber towels, buckets, glass cleaner, a large sponge and a scrub brush. Not sure where to start? Have slatwall or a floating shelf installed to keep all your car accessories organized and out of the way.

9. Dedicate space to sports gear.

Sports gear, balls and things with wheels can be real hazards when left out. To keep things organized and safely tucked away, store bats, lacrosse sticks, wheel pumps, skateboards, bikes and other bulky sports items in one designated area.

Helmets, pads, mitts and other gear can be stored alongside them. When upgrading equipment, donate your old gear immediately to avoid collecting too many dupes. Then you’ll be able to scan the right supplies for every season quickly.

10. Use vertical ball holders.

Vertical ball holders keep larger sports balls secure. Throw in basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and footballs.

Pro Tip: For smaller sports balls, utilize slatwall and track systems with customizable accessories that make organization easy. Add hanging baskets in different sizes and organize them by sport.

11. Invest in a retractable extension cord.

Retractable extension cords attach to the ceiling or walls to save storage space and protect you from tripping over loose cords. Plug in power tools and other appliances without worrying about finding or untangling those cords.

12. Use tackle boxes for small hardware.

Whether you’re a crafter, DIYer or actually fishing from time to time, tackle boxes are excellent multipurpose containers. Things like nails, tacks, beads, small spools of wire, nuts and bolts fit perfectly in these small containers. Label and stack them on workbench shelves or keep them tidy in cabinets. No more digging through an old coffee can of nails and screws to find what you’re looking for!

13. Hang tools behind the workbench.

Garage Workbench Hanging Tool Storage

Pegboard provides vertical storage, keeping your work surface clear.

One of the components to consider in your workbench is high-quality pegboard backing. Upgrade a pegboard with helpful accessories, perfect for hanging:

  • Hammers and screwdrivers
  • Scissors and pliers
  • Paintbrushes and tape measures
  • Dog leashes and flashlights
  • And more!

Even when the pegboard is stocked, you’ll still have a clean, clutter-free workspace to work on projects.

14. Use the ceiling.

Install overhead garage storage to keep seasonal items tucked away. Overhead storage units are perfect for items you only need to access once or twice a year, as well as bulky items like pool and beach equipment. Hello Garage’s overhead garage storage offers up to 85 cubic feet of storage and can be lined up in multiples to create additional storage space. Whether it’s a kayak, artificial Christmas tree, sled or pool float, keep it overhead!

15. Take advantage of lighting.

Never underestimate the power of good garage lighting! Hello Garage’s overhead LED lighting not only brightens up a dreary garage space but also ensures you have enough light to find the items you need — even when it’s dark outside!

16. Organize paint on sturdy, easy-to-reach shelves.

Heavy-duty garage shelving is a must for paint cans to ensure nothing falls and makes a mess. Sturdy shelving also allows you to see which paint colors you have on hand at a glance. Consider closed cabinets if you prefer to keep paint cans hidden away or have lots of spray paint and paintbrushes.

17. Be strategic about ladder storage.

Overhead Garage Storage and Ladder Storage for DIY Organization

Our overhead garage storage makes it easy to store ladders, totes, equipment and more.

Leaving ladders leaning against a wall can be dangerous. It also takes up valuable space you may need to walk through, park your car on or use for something else.

A few suitable places to store those big ladders include:

  • Underneath a shelving unit, laid horizontally
  • On a slatwall using strong hooks
  • Up above with overhead garage storage
  • On a track system for easy access

18. Designate space for trash bins.

If you feel like there’s no good place to store trash and recycling bins, now is the time to fix that. Pick a space close to the exterior garage door so you can easily roll them outside. If you do need to store them closer to the interior, make sure there is a clear path to move them.

19. Install a track system on the walls.

Track systems look sleek and aren’t bulky at all. Best of all, they’re multipurpose. The Hello Garage Track System is a single steel channel designed to work with our slatwall hooks and baskets. You can easily store tools, sports equipment and more. A track system is a terrific option for those who don’t need an entire slatwall!

20. Add baskets, hooks and loops to sturdy slatwall.

Garage Slatwall Storage

Customize your garage storage with versatile slatwall accessories.

Slatwall accessories allow you to take your garage storage up a notch — especially when you consider each panel holds up to 115 pounds! There are several accessories to choose from, making it easy to customize your slatwall system to your unique needs.

  • Wire Bins Neatly store tennis balls, cords, gas tanks, tools, hardware and more.
  • Hooks Store away rakes, shovels and all the other bulky tools you need to keep neighbors envious of your lawn.
  • Loops Easily store hoses, ladders and other heavy equipment with Hello Garage slatwall loops

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