Running Out of Space? Don't Build It - Reimagine It!

As our families grow and our lives become more complex, we’re constantly trying to find space in our homes to do the stuff we need to do. We bring our work, hobbies and crafts to the kitchen table. We add storage baskets and cabinets to virtually every room. We convert whole sections of our homes into spare bedrooms, offices or entertainment areas. Most homeowners struggle with outgrowing their homes and eventually consider adding space via costly and disruptive construction or simply moving to a larger home.  

But hold on a minute. Maybe we’re simply not utilizing the spaces we already have wisely. Maybe we simply need to make our existing areas multifunctional through some simple aesthetic improvements and a few clever storage solutions. And maybe, that space isn’t even actually in your home… 

That’s right; we’re talking about your garage! 

So, now that we’re thinking outside the box (i.e., the house), let’s visualize some creative solutions to add some multifunctionality to our garages. 

Painting Your Masterpiece 

Once you’ve decided to transform your garage into a brand-new room in your house, it’s up to you and your imagination what you want to do with it!  

Here are a few suggestions:  

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  • All Weather Camping How about a rainy-day camp where the kids can create their own adventures when the weather isn’t cooperating outside? Pitch a tent. Put out some camp chairs. Create a fake fire with some logs and an LED camp lantern in the middle. Then tell some ghost stories and eat (pre-roasted) marshmallows! 
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  • Garage Band Or maybe you’ve got some budding musicians in the house. Garage bands were born in the garage, after all. And this option isn’t reserved just for the kids. Maybe Mom and Dad played in bands in college and have the urge to relive their youth. A clean, brightly lit garage is the perfect spot to revisit those musical glory days! 
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  • Play Room If you have younger kids, a clean garage that’s well-organized and free from dangerous tools and chemicals can be transformed into a playroom with board games, art supplies, toys, etc. You can even set up a Wi-Fi video camera to keep an eye on them while they have fun. Plus, a polyaspartic floor cleans up easily, so spills are never a worry.  
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  • A Man Cave Or maybe you’re dreaming of the quintessential man cave. That’s easy enough when your garage has been renewed. Simply add a couch and a big-screen TV. You probably already have a fridge for your chilled beverages. 

The bottom line is, just about whatever you can think of, you can probably do it in your garage. All it takes is some imagination and a garage that’s ready for it.  

Preparing Your Canvas 

Speaking of “ready for it,” to turn that dark, dingy, cluttered garage into a usable space, you first need to clean it and make it bright and welcoming. That usually starts with improving the floor. Forget DIY options like paints that can peel or snap-together tiles that can fall apart; the way to go here is with a professionally installed floor coating. Specifically, we’re talking about a polyaspartic floor coating. It’s the stuff that looks the best and lasts the longest. It’s much better than epoxy or polyurea coatings that can peel and yellow over time.  

Once your garage is clean and the floor looks fantastic, you need to deal with clutter. That means storage and organization solutions like cabinets, shelves, slatwall, overhead storage, etc. These will get stuff off the floor and into organized spaces so it’s there when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. Once that’s all done, you’re ready to start dreaming! 

You can probably see now that extending your living space into your garage makes a lot of sense. With new flooring, you instantly beautify the area, and with clever, durable storage solutions, you solve the clutter problem. Even better, all this can be done for a mere fraction of the cost of a complete renovation or addition — and, in most cases, in less than 24 hours. 

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So, what do you say? Are you ready to open up the possibilities of a space you already have? If so, click here to book a free consultation with a Garage Guru. They’ll help you design the perfect garage space for you and your family.  

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