You'll Just Love These New Products From Hello Garage!

At Hello Garage, we don’t like to sit on our laurels. We’re in this to redefine our industry, and that means keeping busy thinking up new ways to make America’s garages even cleaner and more organized. So, we’re proud to unveil the latest garage organization products that have recently joined the Hello Garage lineup!

4 new organization products to take your garage to the next level

  1. NEW 13" Deep Cabinet
    13-inch garage cabinets from Hello Garage
    This one’s pretty cool, and it’s ideal for anyone with limited space in their garage.

    This new garage cabinet has a low-profile design that’s just 13" deep (15.5" with doors). That means if you’ve got a smaller one-car or even a crowded two-car garage, you can still enjoy the benefit of a sturdy, ergonomic steel-framed storage cabinet. It’s perfect for storing chemicals, spray paint, gardening materials or whatever you need to keep organized and safe behind lockable doors.

    The new 13" garage cabinet is a great complement to our standard 25" cabinet and comes with the same industry-leading warranty and industrial-grade construction.

  2. NEW Swivel Bike Mount
    Swivel bike storage
    If you’ve got a growing family, it can seem as if your bikes are taking over the garage.

    How great would it be to get them off the floor and reclaim a bunch of usable space? Now, how much greater would it be if that wall-mounted bike could swivel out of the way, giving you even MORE space? Game changer, right?

    Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Our new Swivel Bike mount rotates 150 degrees in either direction, allowing mounted bikes to swing out of the way. It’s made from powder-coated steel and aluminum, so it’s incredibly durable. It works with wheels from 20 to 29", up to 4.25" wide. This new bike storage product is strong, too, holding up to 100 lbs.

  3. NEW Cabinet & Workbench Set
    Garage cabinet and workbench set
    This is the ultimate garage workstation — the heartbeat of any garage, featuring multiple upgrades. If you really want your "dream garage," the Cabinet & Workbench Set is a must.

    The set features two full 25" garage cabinets with upright end trim, door locks, and shelving. The garage workbench features the solid wood butcher block upgrade, two additional 13" shelves, a mounting bar with eight bins and 40 pegboard hooks. That means you can set it up and organize your work area right out of the gate.
  4. NEW 3’ Floating Shelf Our standard 4’ Floating Shelf has been a hugely popular item in our catalog, allowing homeowners to place sturdy individual garage shelves in areas where an entire upright shelving unit won’t fit or wouldn’t be practical. Now we’ve got a 3’ version to add even more versatility! Like its longer cousin, the 3’ Shelf is powder-coated for durability and holds up to 150 lbs. Once installed, this versatile garage shelf will help you declutter your garage, reducing an element of stress in your life.

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So, there you have it — a bunch of cool new garage organization and storage products, professionally installed by Hello Garage, that’ll help get you a few steps closer to achieving your goal of a dream garage!

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