5 Steps to Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Garage

You could be this close to being a social media influencer and don’t even know it! OK, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, there is a way to turn your dark, dreary, nasty garage into a bright, cheery and beautifully organized space that will impress your friends and neighbors and anyone who sees it on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. And we’re here to help you do it!

We've put together our top five favorite ways to create the clean, organized garage of your dreams. Are you ready? Here we go!

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Wish your garage looked as stylish, clean and organized as the ones on Pinterest? It can! Follow these five tips to create a Pinterest-worthy garage!

How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Garage

  1. Start With the Floor
    Garage floor coating

    A polyaspartic floor coating looks beautiful and protects the garage floor!

    If you want to create a clean, organized space that’s bright and welcoming, you must address the elephant in the room. And like an elephant, it’s big, gray, and… stained with oil. That’s right; we’re talking about your garage floor.

    It’s just one big, nasty slab of untreated concrete that sucks what little surrounding light there is right out of the room. Or maybe you have an old epoxy floor that’s peeling and chipped. That can look even more depressing.

    But there is an answer that can totally transform your garage floor, and your garage with it: a brand-new 100% polyaspartic floor that looks and wears like polished granite. Unlike epoxies that can chip, flake and yellow with time, polyaspartic flooring looks great for years and years.
  2. Get Organized
    Garage Storage Before & After Photo

    Tired of your garage looking like a disaster zone? Heavy-duty, configurable garage shelving and storage can take your garage from cluttered to calm with heavy-duty configurable garage shelving and storage.

    For most families, the garage quickly becomes something like a giant junk drawer. It’s where stuff migrates over the years when nobody knows where else to put it. So, you end up with random junk piled in the corners or on makeshift cinderblock-and-pine shelves.

    Purpose-built welded-steel shelves attached to heavy-duty steel uprights anchored to garage studs will provide the organizational space you need and the ability to hold a lot of weight safely.

    They should be customizable, too, so you can choose the height of the overall unit as well as the height and depth of the individual shelves. This will allow you to store whatever you need — things like storage totes, sports equipment or bags of garden fertilizer. Individual floating shelves will give you the ability to store items in areas where a full-size shelving unit might not fit.
  3. Play It Safe
    Locking Garage Cabinet & Storage

    Keep chemicals and other items safely out of reach with lockable garage cabinets.

    Do you have a bunch of household chemicals that you need to keep out of the reach of children?

    Then maybe you need some heavy-duty steel cabinets with lockable doors. Choose cabinets that are made tough enough for commercial use but look good enough to add flair to your garage.

    Cabinets with recessed handles create a low profile, preventing straps, clothing and other items from catching while working in the garage. Other features, such as swing-out doors and soft-close hinges, not only make it easier to access items inside the cabinet but also add an elevated feel.
  4. Get Your Stuff Up and Out of the Way
    Hello Garage Slatwall

    Garage slatwall keeps items up and off the floor, ensuring everything has a dedicated space.

    A swivel bike mount that stores bikes on the wall and swings them out of the way is a great way to maximize your space. And if your garage has a high ceiling, overhead storage units are ideal for the long-term storage of bulky items.

    But the real magician here is slatwall. You’ve probably seen it at your local sporting goods or sneaker store. It’s perfect for getting long or oddly shaped items off the floor and keeping them organized and easy to grab.

    Accessories like hooks, loops and baskets allow you to customize your slatwall, holding everything from tools and gardening equipment to ladders and sports gear.
  5. Don't Forget the Finishing Touches
    Hello Garage Workbench

    A garage workbench ensures there's plenty of space for tinkering, DIY projects and more.

    Now you’ve got a clean, durable floor and an organized space, it’s time to add a couple more items to really personalize it. For instance, how about a solid wood workbench to give you a spot to do all those hobbies and household fix-it chores? Or maybe a drop zone to give the kiddos a place to leave their raincoats, boots and backpacks before they enter the house.

    And that’s it! Now you’re ready to take some pics and upload them to Pinterest. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood in no time! Plus, you’ve turned your grungy old car cave into a clean, organized space that you’ll actually want to spend time in.

    And how great will it be to come home from work or running errands, pull into your driveway and be greeted by this Pinterest-worthy dream garage as your garage door slowly opens? Is there a better way to say, “Welcome home?” We really don’t think so!

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