Hello Garage Before & After Photos

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Garage Flooring Transformation

Is your garage floor dirty and grimy? Hello Garage can help with that. Refresh your space with a polyaspartic floor coating that only takes about a day to install.

Flooring: Peppercorn

Full Garage Renovation

Thanks to a quick-and-easy concrete floor coating install from Hello Garage, this customer now has a space that feels clean and welcoming. Their new granite-like polyaspartic garage flooring is covered by an industry-leading warranty, and thanks to their new  slatwall, they can organize everything neatly too.

Flooring: Pewter

Slatwall: Barnwood

Lighting: LED Overhead Garage Lighting

Easy to Clean Floors

With outdoor elements like dirt, sand and salt being brought in to your garage every time the door goes up, your concrete can be impossible to keep clean.  Hello Garage polyaspartic floor coating changes that with easy to clean technology. All you have to do is spray off with a hose and squeegee out the grime. 

Garage Storage Renovation

After getting a new polyaspartic garage floor, this customer decided to take advantage of the custom storage option and chose to do stacked storage cabinets and a workbench from Hello Garage to complete their full garage renovation! This way, they could store all of their items behind closed doors, making their space useable for parties all year round!

Commercial Floor Renovation

This commercial space is used at a local hospital to show new parents proper car seat installation. After installing our polyaspartic floor coating, the space is functional and beautiful! 

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